Dark Desire Season 2 Netflix
Dark Desire Season 2 Netflix

Dark Desire Season 2: Spanish mystery drama series ‘Dark Desire’ is returning to Netflix for its second season. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseoi in Spanish) became a huge hit globally when its first season premiered on Netflix in July 2020. In fact, at one point it became the most-watched debut season of a non-English series in Netflix’s history beating Elite. The first season consists of 18 episodes debuted on the streamer on July 15, 2020. Now, after almost 18 months, Dark Desire is returning for its second season on Netflix. Here’s is everything you need to know about it.

What Dark Desire is all about?

The mystery series revolves around the lead actress and protagonist, Alma Solares (played by Maite Perroni) who decides to leave her house for a quick weekend getaway, only to have her life turned upside down. The weekend ends in tragedy and leads her to question the truth about those close to her. The thrilling drama series originates from Mexico by Argos Comunicación

Netflix renewed Dark Desire back in Aug 2020

The first season of the series ends on a major cliffhanger. The show became an instant hit around the globe. The series was the sixth most watched title on Netflix around the world in July 2020.

So, it came as no surprise when Netflix renewed the series for a new season. After around a month of the first season premiere, Netflix officially announced the second season while also releasing viewership data for season 1.

Here’s a look at a Spanish teaser released to announce the renewal news. It features the cast members.

Is there an official release date for Dark Desire Season 2?

Fans of the streamy series would be happy to know that Netflix has revealed the official release date for the second season. Dark Desire Season 2 will arrive on Netflix on Feb 2, 2022. It’s around a year-and-a-half later after the first season.

Dark Desire Season 2 Cast: Who’s returning?

It is confirmed that all the lead cast members will return to reprise their roles. Here’s a look at the cast members:

  • Maite Perroni as Alma Solares
  • Erik Hayser as Esteban Solares
  • Alejandro Speitzer as Darío Guerra
  • María Fernanda Yepes as Brenda Castillo, Alma’s best friend (Died in the first season)
  • Regina Pavón as Zoe Solares, Alma and Leonardo’s rebellious daughter
  • Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares

It is also confirmed that new characters will join Dark Desire Season 2. These are:

  • Catherine Siachoque as Lys Antoine
  • Arturo Barba
  • Ariana Saavedra as Julieta Lazcano

What to expect from Dark Desire Season 2? Plot Points

In Dark Desire Season 1, it was revealed that Esteban had formerly brought Dario to seduce Alma because he hates his brother and wanted to ruin his marriage. Those who watched the first season know that Esteban was also in love with Alma. The real problem begins when Dario starts developing feelings for Alma.

We are made to believe that Dario has been killed by Esteban after he failed to follow their plan. However, at the end of the first season, Dario comes back to create more trouble for others.

Coming to the second season, we will come to know who actually killed Brenda (or did she really commit suicide). What will be Dario’s action plan now? As Dario announced his love for Alma we can expect him to seek love with her.

Expect some twists and turns as the trailer of the news season suggest that Dario is having an affair with another woman. Alma on the other hand gets shocked when she sees Dario with another girl. Alma will once again faces internal conflicts as she tries to control her feelings for Dario. However, it won’t be easy for her and as the trailer suggest she might take an obsessive path.

Before the second season season arrives on Feb 2, 2022, you can stream the first season of Dark Desire on Netflix.