Cursed Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & Everything We Now
Cursed Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & Everything We Now

Cursed Season 1: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Netflix new drama series Cursed.

Netflix is one of the leading OTT platforms where many movies, tv shows and Netflix original series are released. After dropping few successful series this year like Money Heist Season 4, 13 Reasons Why and many more Netflix is all prepared to release Cursed Season 1.

Cursed Season 1

Cursed is an upcoming American drama web television series, which is based on a novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. Both will serve as the writers of the Netflix series and will also serve as executive producers. Directing duties have been split amongst three directors, Jon East, Zetna Fuentes and Daniel Netthiem, who have been known for their amazing work that they have done so far.

Netflix announced the series last year and production started for the first season consisting of ten episodes. The first poster released by Netflix went trending after just a couple of hour of its release.

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Cursed Season 1 Plot & Storyline

The series is narrated through the eyes of Nimue, who is a young rebellious teenage heroine whose destiny lies in helping Arthur, a young mercenary to ascend to the throne of Camelot. Armed with mysterious powers and a legendary sword, young rebel Nimue joins forces with charming mercenary Arthur on a mission to save her people. After the death of her mother, Nimue enlists the help Arthur on her quest to deliver an ancient and powerful sword to Merlin the Wizard.

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Cursed Season 1 Cast

13 Reasons Why and Knives Out star Katherine Langford leads the cast. The drama series also stars Devon Terrell as Arthur, Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin, Sebastian Armesto as King Uther Pendragon, Shalom Brune-Franklin as Sister Igraine, Matt Stokoe as Gawain the Green Knight, Peter Mullan as Father Carden, Daniel Sharman as the Weeping Monk, and Emily Coates as Sister Iris.

List of Episodes

The first season of Cursed will have 10 episodes the details view of the list is mentioned below:

EPISODE 1: “Alone”; teleplay by Ayush Anand

EPISODE 2: “Bring Us In Good Ale”; teleplay by Tom Wheeler

EPISODE 3: “Cursed”; teleplay by Tom Wheeler

EPISODE 4: “Festa and Moreli”; teleplay by William Wheeler

EPISODE 5: “Nimue”; teleplay by Tom Wheeler

EPISODE 6: “Poisons”; teleplay by Tom Wheeler

EPISODE 7: “Queen of the Fey”; teleplay by Robbie Thompson

EPISODE 8: “The Joining”; teleplay by Leila Gerstein

EPISODE 9: “The Red Lake”; teleplay by Rachel Shukert

EPISODE 10: “The Sacrifice”; teleplay by Tom Wheeler

Production status

After Netflix confirmation, the production part was started without any delay. The set building was set up on a disused Army land in Surrey, England. The setup work started in the month of January 2019 and the work was completed in March 2019. The filming was scheduled to start in April and continued until September 2019. The post-production part was completed by early 2020.

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Cursed Season 1 Trailer

Netflix released the trailer on June 18. From the trailer, we can notice that when most of the villagers were past asleep the Red Paladins, and their complicit King Uther slaughtered the villagers because they were known to have magical powers
and an ancient sword. Nimue, the character played by Katherine Langford is a young girl with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful she was commanded by her dying mother to reunite the Ancient Sword with Merlin. In her quest to deliver the Ancient Sword to merlin she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a humble mercenary.

Later in the trailer, we can see that the Arthurian Legends said that” the Ancient sword was destined for a king but what if the sword chooses a queen” meaning that the cursed flipped the script of the Arthurian legend, that the sword is not destined for a king (Arthur) but it is destined for a queen (Nimue) to defeat the invading forces who devasted their village.

Cursed Season 1 Release date

Now, the viewers out there are just waiting for the calendar to ding 17th July, because that’s when Cursed will be released.

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