Criminal Justice season 2 the most anticipated show of Dec 2020
Criminal Justice season 2

Pankaj Tripathi is reprising his role as lawyer Madhav Mishra in Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, launching 24th December on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

After the runaway success of Criminal Justice last year, Hotstar Specials is all set to entertain audiences with its next chapter titled Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors. Pankaj Tripathi will once again portray the role of lawyer Madhav Mishra, who is fighting the toughest case of his career along with Nikhat Hussain, once again being portrayed by Anupriya Goenka.

The duo is defending the prime accused Anu Chandra, portrayed by Kirti Kulhari, who has confessed to stabbing her husband, an eminent lawyer – Bikram Chandra, and is guilty in the eyes of law. While many believe it to be an open-and-shut case, Anu’s subsequent stillness and unwillingness to defend herself begs the question – is there more to the case than what it seems?

The trailer was released a few days back and it makes it the most awaited show of Dec 2020. As the intense courtroom drama is all set to premiere on Dec 24, 2020, in 7 languages on Disney+ Hotstar VIP; here are five of the many reasons that make Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors a must-watch.

1. Mishraji is back!

One of the most loved actors of today’s generation Pankaj Tripathi is returning to portray Madhav Mishra, a character loved by the audience. This time around, the challenge for Madhav Mishra is tough as his client is refusing to speak and he is against a formidable team that is defending a famous lawyer. But Mishra Ji is quite a makshifter, let’s see how he solves an open and shut case this time!

2. Featuring strong and bold women

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors is a stand-out courtroom drama as it focuses and centers around women, all with different personalities and different ways of dealing with their lives and problems. The murder accused is a housewife, who has confessed to stabbing her husband and is guilty in the eyes of the law. Her defense team is joined by a lawyer Nikhat Hussain whose instinct as a woman tells her that there is more to Anu Chandra’s story, and that she is determined to find out about it.

3. An eye-opening narrative

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors is a gripping story that will keep audiences engaged till the very end. More so, the courtroom drama will raise questions on less-spoken societal issues, it will make its viewers more informed, and will also initiate conversations around whether the law is equipped to serve both men and women, equally. In fact, the makers even consulted a team of lawyers to ensure that they got the nuances and legal terminologies right, and did an in-depth analysis to ensure that they told the story insightfully and sensitively.

4. Showcases life and ordeal of women in prison

It is one of the few stories in India to showcase the life and ordeal of women in prison. With only a limited number of resources available for reference, the makers had a challenging time recreating a women’s prison.

5. Ensemble cast with fine producers and creators

An outstanding cast and crew team have brought this exceptional story to life. Along with Pankaj Tripathi, Kirti Kulhari and Anupriya Goenka, the cast in the show also includes powerful actors Ashish Vidyarthi, Deepti Naval, Jisshu Sengupta, Shilpa Shukla, Pankaj Saraswat, Ayaz Khan, Kalyanee Mulay, Ajeet Singh Palawat, Khushboo Atre, Tirrtha Murbadkar, and others.

The 8-part courtroom drama series has been directed by  Rohan Sippy, Arjun Mukerjee, written by Apurva Asrani and produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBC Studios.

What happened behind closed doors? Catch the drama unfold in Hotstar Specials presents Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, releasing on 24th December 2020 only on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.