Claws Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far
Claws Season 4

Claws Season 4: Claws returns to TNT for its fourth season on Dec 19, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

  • The comedy-drama series Claws is returning on TNT for its fourth and final season.
  • The final season will kick off with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Dec 19, 2021, at 9 PM.

Claws is a comedy-drama TV series that premiered on TNT on June 11, 2017. After three successful seasons, the show is returning for its fourth season on Dec 19, 2021. Sadly for fans, it will be the final season of the series. So, let’s talk about Claws Season 4 in detail.

Claws Season 4 Plot

Created by Eliot Laurence, Claws features four manicurists at the Nail Artisans salon of Manatee County, Florida. The Salon becomes a junction for money laundering when Desna Simms (Niecy Nash) alongside her crew start laundering money for a neighbouring pain clinic. Eventually, they make their way to have their own criminal cartel.

Claws is an exciting show with a lot of twists in its narrative. Season 4 is expected to have the same thrilling and dramatic elements. Several questions remained unanswered at the end of the third season. We will get the answers to these questions.

1) What’s exactly is the status of Roller and Desna’s relationship? With Roller having escaped the country, will Desna follow him? If she reunites with him, then authorities will get the confirmations that they both killed Clint.

2) Desna and Roller wanted to have Toby killed. After Clay fails to do the job for them, Desna will look for someone to carry the job. With Roller no longer in the country, it will not be an easy task for her.

3) Since Season 4 is the final season, it would be interesting to see if Desna manages to hold on to her criminal empire.

Which cast members are returning for Season 4?

All the lead cast members who survived the previous season will definitely return for Claws Season 4. Here’s a look at Claws cast:

  • Niecy Nash as Desna Simms
  • Carrie Preston as Polly Marks
  • Judy Reyes as Annalise
  • Karrueche Tran as Virginia Loc
  • Jenn Lyon as Jennifer Husser
  • Jack Kesy as Dwayne “Roller” Husser
  • Kevin Rankin as Bryce Husser
  • Harold Perrineau as Dean Simms
  • Dean Norris as Clay “Uncle Daddy” Husser
  • Jimmy Jean-Louis as Gregory Ruval
  • Suleka Mathew as Arlene Branch
  • Evan Daigle as Toby

Is there a trailer for Claws Season 4?

The official trailer premiered on TNT’s official Youtube channel on Sep 23, 2021. Watch it right here:

The official synopsis of the show reads:

“‘Claws’ is a midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness set in a South Florida nail salon. The series follows Niecy Nash’s Desna Simms, who, alongside her crew of manicurists from the Nail Artisans of Manatee County salon, rises to power in the crime world to claim her share of cash and respect. It’s the story of hardworking women trying to get by in this economy, set against the surreal, bright, gritty landscape of Florida and the luscious, absurd, extreme excesses of the crime world.”

Claws Season 4 Release Date on TNT

The final season of Claws will kick off with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Dec 19, 2021, at 9 PM on TNT. Like the previous three seasons, Season 4 also has 10 episodes. A new episode will premiere every Sunday. If the show doesn’t take any break, the Season 4 finale will air on TNT on Feb 6, 2021.

The first three seasons of “Claws” are available to stream on Hulu. In India, the first three seasons of “Claws” are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.