Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Release Posters
Chennai Express Poster

Finally Chennai Express arrives at Box Office today. So, get on The Train Baby and be ready for a  full on Paisa Wasool entertainer.

Chennai Express is nothing less that what was expected from deadly combo of SRK and Rohit Shetty. Its has all the elements that a full on Bollywood Masala Entertainer can have.There are loads and loads of reason to watch Chennai Express. Chennai Express is here to win hearts. It is surely gonna break many Box office records in the next few days.

Blog to Bollywood presents the Movie Review of Chennai Express


Chennai Express has very simple and interesting plot. Its a story Rahul(Shahrukh Khan’s) journey from Mumbai to Rameshwaram. This journey turns out to be a lifetime experience for Rahul as he meets Meena(Deepika Padukone) which makes his realize the importance of Love, Life and Relationships.


Shahrukh Khan is exceptional as Rahul. His simplicity, authenticity and comic timing takes the film to the next level. This is surely his one of the best comic performance. I must say King Khan is back. Deepika Padukone is top notch. She is the soul of Chennai Express. With three back to back Blockbusters in a row this year, she is surely a new queen of Bollywood. Nikitin Dheer and Satyaraj fits in their respective roles.


Music was certainly not the plus point prior to film’s release. Songs which looked ordinary otherwise are embedded well in the movie. Most of the songs are funky and entertaining and goes on well with the mood of the movie. My personal favorites are One, Two, Three Four and Titli. Vishal-Shekhar did a decent job.
Chennai Express Music Review on Blog to Bollywood

Direction and other technicalities

Action has always been a high point of Rohit Shetty’s films and this time also there are enough flying cars and action sequences for action lovers.Editing is top notch and helps in looking film breezy and racy.Cinematography could have been tighter. Plot seems quite simple but director Rohit Shetty has made it quite refreshing with his style of film making. This is by far the best work from Rohit Shetty and his team. Chennai Express has right mixture of a good Bollywood Masala entertainer.


Chennai Express is a movie for masses. It is a full on Bollywood Masala entertainer. Its is surely there to win hearts. Blog to Bollywood goes with 3.5 stars. Watch it out for SRK, Deepika and Rohit Shetty. You are surely gonna enjoy this.

If you have seen the movie please share your thoughts.


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