Top 7 Celebrities Who Love Sports Betting - Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Sports betting has actually been around for a long time. Over the year, it has gained immense popularity and emerged as one of the major addictions for numerous individuals all over the world. Despite being illegal, sports betting has also become quite popular in India in the last five years. The majority of the Indians are making use of sports betting websites and apps. Millions of them put a wager on parimatch app download. Common people put some small amounts of money, however, celebrities, rich and famous people put a lot as well as make millions in betting.

In this short article, we will look at the celebrities who like to bank on different sports video games. We will certainly attempt to give you as much detail as we can around their profits, losses, as well as exactly how it affected their occupations.

1) Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen deserves the top position on the list. He has actually been known to the public for his various addictions, but not many individuals recognize that sporting betting was among his favorite habits.

His ex-wife, Richards, once specified that Charlie would certainly invest more than 200 thousand bucks each week on his favorite games. It is claimed that he did this all the time and that he would certainly bet a great deal of cash, as well as win even more.

2) Charles Barkley

The basketball legend and Shaquille O’Neal’s friend is not an unfamiliar name in the sports betting circle. He had a lot of interests in gaming. Barkley has been betting on sports matches for years. Not only basketball, but he has also loved gambling on various events. He’s been known to have shed millions on different online casino games. However, when it concerns sports, he utilized to put wagers just because of his love for the sports.

As a world-known basketball gamer, Barkley definitely understands what it requires to win a video game, no matter the sporting activity, so he had a hunch on what to do and just how much cash to put on something. It is claimed that despite the fact that he no longer has problems with betting, he is still known to position sporting activities wager occasionally.

3) Ashton Kutcher

We know Ashton Kutcher as a sweetheart from all the 90’s films and shows like Two and a Half Men and That 70’s ShowHe is one of the big names in Hollywood who has also hosted a few reality shows.

Ashton is an amazing actor. No one could judge that in addition to his acting job, he has an additional love for sports betting. It is claimed that there was a time when had a huge interest in the game and had actually lost near to a million. Nevertheless, he managed to overcome this trouble, and currently, he only wagers occasionally. Ashton has been quite a successful sports bettor, mostly on College American Football games!

4) Jaromir Jagr

Another name on the list is the popular and highest-paid NHL player in the 90s– Jaromir Jagr. It is claimed that Jagr was just one of the best better, and continues to be unbeaten to now. He enhanced his already big earnings with sports betting.

Reports show that he was one of the highest-paid gamers in the late 90s, however, it looked like he wished to make a little additional on the side by betting on different matches. According to specialists, he lost more than half a million dollars using his on-line sportsbook, but in spite of these concerns, he took care of to pay all his financial obligations back, as well as continue playing in the NHL.

The reason he lost a lot of money could be due to the gambling locations, and recommends that you need to constantly veterinarian the place before you place your cash right into it. Don’t neglect to read the overviews and the sincere reviews prior to you select the appropriate one, so you do not end up except cash money just because you failed to remember to examine the credibility of the casino.

5) 50 Cent

50 Cent is one of the most successful and famous rappers of the current era. In his glorious career, he has earned millions of dollars. However, apart from being a famous rapper, 50 Cent is well-known for his love for betting and gambling. He is infamous for being an avid gambler. Some of his famous bets include 500 thousand dollars on the New york city Giants. and an alleged $2 million bet on a fight involving Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He’s been understood to be a follower of several types of betting games, yet the NFL is definitely his preferred one. His fans have noticed that 50 Cent loves wagering, he loves winning a lot more, yet the thing that he frequently does after every win is revealing his triumph on the social media sites.

6) Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been one of the top Hollywood stars for 30 years now. In his elite career, he has delivered several blockbuster films. With such a long and successful career, Affleck has obviously earned big. Apart from being a big star, Ben Affleck has always been know for his love for gambling.  In 2001, he lost thousands of dollars on poker and went to rehab. Until now, Ben would place bets on sports games from time to time.

7) Michael Jordan

Last, yet not least, we have probably the most well-known name in all the sporting activities history, as well as apart from being just one of the best, if not the best basketball player on the planet, he is additionally a serious follower of betting.

You have actually probably listened to that any type of betting is not allowed in the NBA, however, Jordan did not care about this when he determined to place his first bet on several of one of the most renowned suits. Some rumors suggest that the reason that he retired so very early is that he was in fact put on hold as a result of this pastime of his.

It is claimed that besides basketball, his preferred game was golf and that he once lost more than one million bucks on a wager including this game. The exact amount of how much he won or shed was never openly disclosed, as well as some professionals recommend that the number is more than just several million. His followers state that he should’ve stayed with what he was wonderful at, yet that recognizes, maybe he made more money on betting on his favored games than simply playing them.

These are several individuals that have an excellent love for this activity, and it has actually shown that if you don’t pick your video games properly, you take the chance of losing a whole lot. If you pick to put your cash on a video game, after that you need to do as much research as you can, never ever gamble greater than you can settle, and also you ought to never ever take the chance of putting your money in a gambling enterprise, or a wagering place you do not depend on. Do your research, boost your betting abilities, and who knows, possibly you will become the following millionaire, just because you made the appropriate conjecture.