Bollywood's 200 crore club - 3 Idiots
Bollywood's 200 crore club - 3 Idiots

7 years ago, one of the most epic movies of Bollywood – 3 Idiots took cinema by storm. 3 Idiots was not just any Bollywood movie with three songs, five fight sequences and an item number. It was a movie crafted carefully with every dialogue teaching us something. As we are celebrating 5 years of 3 Idiots today, let’s have a look at the 5 best scenes of the movie.

1.) The entry of Aamir Khan into the campus and seeing his classmates getting ragged while he lashes himself inside the door and lock it, planning his revenge to the senior raggers. The electrical spoon on which the ragger pees and finds himself getting shock!

2.) The definition of ‘Books’ given by Aamir Khan in a long and lengthy sentence which the lecturer can’t understand, when asked to tell in short Aamir replies – ” Pehle koshish kiya tha aapko aasan shabdo mei samjhane ka ”

Celebrating 7 Years of 3 Idiots - Book Definition Scene of 3 Idiots
Book Definition Scene of 3 Idiots

3.) Who can forget the Balatkaar speech of Chatur ! After Rancho replaces “Chamatkaar” in his speech with “Balatkaar”, the speech gets out of hand calling the principle Virus a rapist !

4.) How the three idiots gatecrash the wedding only to find it’s the wedding of their principle’s daughter ! Then the proving of Kareena’s fiance as price tag was even more funnier !

Celebrating 5 Years of 3 Idiots - Wedding Scene of 3 Idiots
Wedding Scene of 3 Idiots

5.) The delivery of Principle’s elder daughter (Mona Singh) by Aamir Khan using vacuum cleaner… No words!

We love 3 idiots a lot! Which is your favourite scene from the movie! Do let’s us know!

Blog to Bollywood wishes Merry Christmas to all movie lovers. Stay blessed and Stay Filmy.



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