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Calendar Girls

Madhur Bhandarkar’s latest directional ‘Calendar Girls’ was released yesterday across the country. The film focuses on life and struggle on five girls who hails from different regions of the country and has been selected to pose for country’s most prestigious annual calendar. Madhur Bhandarkar is known for hard hitting subjects and movies which shows reality in true sense. The reviews are from critics hasn’t been good and it seems like Madhur failed this time around. Let’s read what he critics have to say on ‘Calendar Girls’

Calendar Girls Critics Review and Rating

Calendar Girls Movie Review By Koimoi: Calendar Girls is a complete let down on all fronts, acting, writing and direction. Nothing real or reel in this film is appealing and hence I am going with a 1.5/5 for the film.
Rating: 1.5 star
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By TOI: It’s a pity because this story could have broken new ground. With glimpses of his original flair, Bhandarkar puts cricket enthusiasts, prostitutes, ‘pahwa’ brokers, philanderers, builders and bewildered middle-class mata-pitas together. He has his trademark touches of glamour, pathos and personalities but lacks power-packed acting to hold this together. Instead, between scintillating skin, syrupy sympathy and sheer sloppiness, the film loses grip, bite – and plot.
Rating: 3 star
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By Indian Express: A hurried after-thought, which talks of how these girls are really, truly ‘proud achievers’, comes right in the end. And it’s just that, an after-thought. The rest of it exploits—smugly, tackily, uncomfortably explicitly—young women being exploited. 
Rating: 1 star
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By NDTV: Calendar Girls starts off in the pits and stays there over the next two hours as the models get shortchanged at every turn by men who couldn’t care less and cynical socialites who know exactly how to work the system. This film marks a new low for the rapidly waning Madhur Bhandarkar. Its portrayal of women, both sinning and sinned against, is smug, condescending and unabashedly exploitative.
Rating: 1 star
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By Bollywood Hungama: On the whole, CALENDAR GIRLS can be watched for its wholesome entertainment value, hard hitting drama and engaging narrative. Or like Madhur Bhandarkar himself would describe it in one word…. ‘Jalwa’!
Rating: 3.5 stars
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By Mid Day: What worked for Bhandarkar in 2005 in ‘Page 3’ can obviously not work in 2015 because he is unimaginatively and rather cockily serving us the same dish in a different plate.
Rating: 2 stars
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By Komal Nahta: On the whole, Calender Girls is too ordinary and routine to stand out, that too, with an all-new lead cast. It may attract the audience in the initial weekend but sustaining at the cinemas is a far cry. Flop.
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Calendar Girls Movie Review By Rediff: It’s a preposterously sloppy production, a film where the casting brief apparently insisted on excluding all those with any talent. A few new girls are wrung through an excruciatingly bad script and the film is inconsistent on every level: visually, tonally, and in terms of narrative.
Rating: 0 star
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Final Words:  Calendar Girls is by far the weakest movie by Madhur Bhandar. The director tried to serve he same dish which he had done earlier in Page 3 and fashion. Big disappointment.

Our recommendation: Do you still need recommendation after reading all this. Still, watch Fashion and Page 3 again instead of wasting time and brain on this crap.


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