Unfreedom Movie still
Unfreedom Movie still

Nothing has been spared by this Indian Government. What we want to watch, eat, write and do, perhaps do in private! Looks like Ban, is what they meant by a development plan.

They’ve hired conservative, orthodox clowns at important creative positions and looks like are in a crusade to murder the democracy!

Films as a matter of fact have always been the easy prey to censorship and are being cut, banned, censored like never before… Some recent examples include India’s Daughter, Mohalla Assi, Fifty Shades of Grey, Unfreedom. There have been other mainstream films like NH10, Haider, Margarita with a Straw which have been drastically snipped by the censor Board.

However, UNFREEDOM’s writer and director Raj Amit Kumar is one of the few new filmmakers who refuse to make cuts and in response to it the authorities completely banned the film regardless of cuts, robbing Kumar of any opportunity to publicly exhibit the film.

State of Unfreedom In India

As the film has been denied a Censor Certificate, it cannot be screened commercially and at public venues so the makers are taking this film to people through free private screenings at institutions, universities, art houses, film clubs in some cases at private residence as well and the director personally conducts an interactive session with audience after every screening through online mediums and sometimes by attending the event.

The film was screened at IIT Bombay, and has received immense accolades from students of this renowned institution.

Watch the QnA session video from IIT Bombay after the screening of this beautiful film.


How you can watch this film?

Any Institution, Cafe, Art House or an individual may adopt a free private screening of this film in any part of India keeping the screening event open to their invitees only. You may write to the Unfreedom team on their facebook page asking to adopt a private screening in your city here: https://www.facebook.com/UnfreedomMovie

The Director in order to safeguard filmmaker’s creative expression has also launched a petition campaign against role of Censorship in India which should only be limited to rating films and not cutting or banning them. Every signature on this petition will be personally handed over to the Censor Board and is being taken to High Court as well.

Watch Raj Amit Kumar’s extremely emotional plea to sign this petition…


In order to create a widespread awareness about the film the makers are releasing some exclusive teasers on their youtube platform. Here’s the first official Unfreedom teaser and there are many more to come..


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