AWS certificate
AWS certificate

Growing a career is one of the hardest things to do. It is even harder when it is IT-based. This is because the technical field is wide and it can be quite confusing when trying to figure out what to specialize in. However, with this post, this is now easier for you. If you are interested in the cloud-computing space, an area with tremendous opportunities, this article is for you because here you’ll know how to improve your career by getting certified.

Below, you’ll be guided through professional-level AWS certifications available. Yours is to settle on the one you feel will give you more advantages and prepare to earn it. Let us cover these credentials right away.

Overview of AWS Professional Certifications

The AWS professional badges target those who have at least two years of technical experience. To obtain any of them, the candidates are required to pass the test that will ensure they are able to help their organization and customers enjoy the cloud solutions available on the AWS platform.

So, passing the professional-level assessment will lead you to one of the following certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  1. SAP-C01 exam is an option for skilled solutions architects who want to confirm their prowess in managing as well as operating structures on AWS. It includes multiple-choice questions designed for completion within 180 minutes. The test costs $300. To ace it successfully, you should be conversant with the next domains:
  2. Designing for organizational complexity,
  3. Designing for new solutions,
  4. Cost control,
  5. Migration planning,
  6. Continuous improvement targeting existing solutions.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

This industry-recognized badge is a game-changer as far as the growth of your career is concerned. It targets DevOps engineers who provision, manage, and operate AWS cloud environments. Its DOP-C01 exam also goes for 180 minutes, costs $300, and consists of questions in the form of multiple choices. The test checks your knowledge in the following areas:

So, how does having any of these two AWS professional-level credentials can help in boosting your career? Read on to know more about this.

How AWS Professional Certification Can Help You?

First of all, getting certified increases your value to employers. This ensures you do not struggle while finding a job. But, job security is not the only benefit you acquire. Let’s explore some more of them:

  • Helps you know where you are going

Before you begin your exam preparation, having a strong understanding of why you are applying for the badge is important. For instance, you should find out the position you would like to fill in the future. It is also critical to understand how long you would like to remain in that role and how much you desire to earn. Making a decision to start the certification process enables you to find out the direction you wish your career to take.

  • Enhances your cloud technology skills

Once you settle on your goals, it is now time to study. If you have two years of experience demanded as part of the requirements, you will sail through the preparation and exam without having to spend too much time and effort. However, you still need to refresh and strengthen the skills and knowledge you already have.

The AWS learning platform offers you various training resources and you can choose one that fits you most. You may also read the AWS documentation to guide you on existing cloud solutions and what preparation options are available for your test.

  • You obtain hands-on experience

The theory is not sufficient for passing such an exam. In fact, it is not even sufficient when performing your cloud-related role. To have a chance in the test, getting practical skills is the real deal. To do this, you can make use of the free introductory labs availed to you by Amazon. You can also try your new skills on the AWS Cloud Academy Labs. As you work with these materials, you will be learning through the mistakes you make. This allows you to improve as you keep practicing.

  • Enhances your employability and pay

The AWS professional certifications open multiple doors. Once you earn your preferred credential, you need to design a resume and ensure it is presentable. The badge will add color to it, thereby ensuring you clinch that job you are applying for. Also, when you have the right qualifications, you will be confident as you answer the interview questions. And with the practical skills you acquired through preparation, your chances of getting hired will be enhanced even more.

Also, when it comes to pay, you will have an opportunity to earn more due to possessing a credential. Solutions architect with an AWS professional badge has an average of $128,000 per annum as PayScale reports. Another statistic available on the same website says a professional-level DevOps engineer with an AWS certification gets about $122,000 per year.


The path towards success in your career through the AWS professional certification program is straightforward. You need to settle on your career goals, learn, take and pass the exam, then get certified. And you can be sure you’ll impress your employer with it!

Preparation for obtaining any of the mentioned credentials will help you avoid the pitfalls by pursuing the right learning, receiving quality guidance, and acquiring practical skills. It also pays in a big way to ensure you design your resume the right way. Make your first step to career improvement today and enjoy the perks in the nearest future!


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