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Is our desi Hollywood a.k.a Bollywood gone far enough ?

Bollywood Vs Hollywood : A round-up through infographics

Bollywood and Hollywood’s unisense and rivalry has always been debatable. It is interesting as Bollywood has been maturing year after year. The shift from typical three hours movie duration to two hours might be a welcome change for us. But what happens if our B-town movies start doing aways with songs ? :O
It will be horrific, as we can not enjoy a Bollywood movie without songs.

Over the years we have seen Bollywood guns being paid big and this trend also speaks about our success story. Let’s have a look at top 10 Hollywood and Bollywood actors.

Bollywood vs Hollywood : An infographics view
Highest Paid Actors in Bollywood and Hollywood Compared

And this is how ours movies line up against Hollywood’s in 2013.

The debate will always be on whether Bollywood will ever leave Hollywood behind or would still be just a desi version of Hollywood for long.

Anyways, we can either take sides and fight or enjoy best of both worlds.

To end it listing few facts about both worlds.

Bollywood Vs Hollywood : hollywoodBollywoodFacts An Infographical View :
Hollywood and Bollywood facts

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