Bollywood Stars in Hollywood: the Hurdles and the Opportunities
Bollywood Stars in Hollywood: the Hurdles and the Opportunities

Bollywood Stars in Hollywood: Is Hollywood difficult for Bollywood Stars

Bollywood Stars in Hollywood is which triggers our fascination whether is it difficult for them or it is just lack of opportunity ?

Making it as one of the biggest names in Indian cinema is difficult enough. With so many people desperate to become the next star of the silver screen, just getting a break in any kind of movie is a huge challenge and for those who have been able to appear in Indian cinema it can be the opportunity of a lifetime as they look to crack Bollywood.

The problem for many of these established Indian actors and actresses is that even when they become household names in their own country with thousands each week going to the cinema or able to watch the latest Bollywood movies online at, It can be even more difficult to spread their wings and get into a film coming out of Hollywood.

Many have tried, with varying degrees of success, but the majority have gone home to India and attempted to revive their ‘star’ careers after what are often small or “bit part” roles in films overseas and to be fair to them, they have succeeded. All it has proven is that cracking Hollywood is as difficult as everyone claims it is, whether you’re a young American actor or actress, or an established Bollywood superstar.

One star who has made the big step in recent years is Anil Kapoor, the actor who played the role of the quiz master in one of the most successful Bollywood films ever on a global scale, Slumdog Millionaire. Having spent more than 30 years in Indian cinema and post-Slumdog, Kapoor was offered the chance to appear in the American crime television series 24 and, more recently, in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, with Tom Cruise.

Anil Kapoor admitted in an interview with the BBC in 2011 that taking the step from being a huge star back in India to sitting in a Los Angeles hotel waiting to find out if he had been cast in a role was not something that bothered him, although many have seen the experience as negative and fled back from the States and back into their comfort zones. Kapoor said in the interview that it was like going back to the start of his career and he was enjoying it.

Trailer of Anil’s Slumdog millionaire ( One of the Bollywood Stars in Hollywood )

A Promo showing Anil in 24 Season 8

On the other hand, Ranbir Kapoor claims that there does seem to be some opposition to those coming from Indian cinema to Hollywood, feeling that it could be “the way we speak is not friendly for a Hollywood audience”; but Anil does not feel that racism is behind this alleged opposition in any way and that stars are chosen according to the script with Americans chosen for American roles to support the naturalism of the character.

What many are finding, especially in recent years, is that casting Indian actors in Hollywood movies has been highly beneficial – even if only for the bank balance – with the Indian stars opening the doors for Hollywood movies to sell in India to a wider audience who might before have stayed away from action thrillers or sci-fi films that starred solely western actors, making it a smart business proposition that works in everyone’s favour and allows the actor or actress to have the opportunity to crack Hollywood or, in the worst case, increase their value back home.