10 Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message And Won Our Heart

From 3 Idiots To Dangal To English Vinglish, A Look at Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message And Won Our Heart.

Bollywood movies are often considered for the fashion trends, style, love stories, action, romance etc. Fans watch movies and follow the fashion they see. But that’s not the only thing Bollywood has given us, many movies are there which have conveyed special social messages to fans and tought them to fight against unfair social norms.

These movies have won hearts by targeting the issues we are facing today, and also changed lives of many. Here are some movies which taught us valuable lessons:

1) English Vinglish

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - English Vinglish

English Vinglish was based on a story of a homemaker. It showed us that how we forget that a housewife can do many other things as well. She is not just confined to the duties of home and can have some aspirations which should be fulfilled. Our moms, wives should get equal chance to accomplish their dreams in this male dominated society.

2) My Name Is Khan

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - MY Name Is Khan

The message of this movie is in the name itself. These days Muslims are getting bad treatment. People consider them terrorist, just because they are Muslims. This movie has conveyed this message to society that every Muslim is not terrorist.

3) PK

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - PKThis movie taught us that we should believe in god but not blindly. We should know the difference between faith and blind faith. In this movie, it is showed that how some people for the sake of money play with innocent people’s faith. They just play in the name of god, and we should not trust such persons.

4) Dangal

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - Dangal

A movie which was a real life story tought us that there is no difference between man and woman. The life of Mahaveer Singh Phogat inspired us all, that having a daughter is not a curse. A daughter can prove herself in any field. The movie was a huge hit at the box office.

5) Aarakshan

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - Aarakshan

The movie portrayed how reservations is affecting common people. Reservations are good for some but because of these many deserving people are lagging behind. The reason is that they are not getting enough chance because of reserved seats. Whether its about a job or education, deserving candidates does not get what they actually deserve.

6) Matrabhoomi

10 Bollywood Movies Which Gave Us Social Message

The biggest issue of this society is female foeticides. The movie deals with this issue, and Tulip Joshi played a lead role. The movie shows how a women is forced to marry four or five sons of a family and raped by the family itself. Female foeticide is the reason there are not enough girls. Still man are following it, without thinking that women are the reason they are alive.

7) Pink

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - Pink

The national award winner movie shows us that women are free for their choice. A woman says No it should be a No. Women are not responsible of rapes and molestation.

8) Taare Zameen Par

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - Taare Zameen Par

The movie depicted a story of child who was dyslexic. Every child is different and should not be forced to excel in each and everything. Parents should focus on their children’s ability and problems instead of pushing them to score well in exams.

9) 3 Idiots

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - 3 Idiots

3 idiots taught us how we are following a social trend blindly and running behind high grades. We should not force our kids to opt any particular subject or secure high scores. Kids should get the freedom to choose their career. It also showed us that money can’t stop someone from getting education. A will for education is much stronger than anything else.

10) Kahani 2

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Social Message - Kahani 2

With a very strong issue Kahani 2 taught us that we should make sure that our daughters are safe at home as well. Kahani 2 was about child’s sexual abuse, and gave a message to society that a family member can also harm our daughters.
These were the 10 movies we have listed, which inspired us to break the mould and implement the change in our life.


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