Black Summer Season 3: Everything We Know About The Next Season
Black Summer Season 3

With the ending Black Summer Season 2 had, the fans are assured that the Zombie thriller would return for the third season.

The second season of the Zombie thriller series ‘Black Summer‘ premiered on Netflix in June 2021. In the second season, we see Rose (Jaime King) and her daughter Anna (Zoe Marlett) trying to reach the airstrip in the North. Along with them a lot of refugee groups are sweating hard to reach the airstrip so that they can catch the aeroplane. Fans loved the second season of the apocalyptic drama. It’s already been more than 8 months since the second season premiered. Netflix has still not announced a renewal or cancellation. Fans are worried as they can sense that the series has been cancelled. So, what’s up with Black Summer Season 3.

What happened in the previous season? Black Summer Season 2 Recap

Spoilers ahead: Please don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched season two yet.

The season two finale ends with Rose and Ray (Bobby Naderi) hurting themselves. Meanwhile, Anna decides not to leave her injured mother and comes to her rescue. In the final few moments, Anna keeps staring at her mother while sitting inside the car. The season two finale with Sun (Christian Lee) leaving the city in the plane.

Season two ended with a lot of questions? Are Rose and Ray still alive or not? Why Anna didn’t come out of the car to rescue her mother? Netflix needs to release the next season to answer these questions.

Is Black Summer Season 3 Happening?

It’s already been more than 8 months since the second season premiered and Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet. This is definitely not a good sign for the series’ future considering that the streamer generally doesn’t take more than three months to renew the series.

Moreover, Black Summer hasn’t garnered big numbers for Netflix. With other Zombie shows like All of Us Are Dead garnering huge numbers, who would Netflix invest in a show which isn’t bringing enough viewers.

More reasons to worry for fans

On March 7, Deadline reported that Jaime King was cast in a new movie called Man’s Son. This news has fans wondering if that means she isn’t part of Black Summer anymore.

However, some fans explained that it is not a matter of concern many actors do movies between filming seasons of their TV series.

Hope for Black Summer Season 3

Though the chances look bleak, a few months old interview featuring King brings new hope for fans, In an interview with Express, she looked confident about the show’s return. She said, “excited to get the writer’s room going again,” adding that Black Summer “is the kind of series that could go on forever, but I think it would be really powerful to do it in just three seasons, if possible.”

Black Summer Season 3 release date

Netflix hasn’t renewed the series for season 3 yet, so, there isn’t is a release date yet. We will keep you updated about the same.

Season 3 possible plot if it ever happens

It’s difficult to predict the plot of the next season. However, the recent season climax suggests that Rose and Anna will continue their struggle for survival. Both of them will be the central characters once again and the story will revolve around them. It would be interesting to see what role Ray plays in the coming season.

Who will return for Season 3?

The central cast is expected to remain the same. Jaime King, Zoe Marlett, and Christine Lee should return for season three. I am also expecting Ray (Bobby Naderi) to have a prominent role in Season 3. You can also expect a set of new characters to appear in the coming season.

Is there a trailer?

Netflix launches the trailer around a month before the season premiere. So, we need to wait for the official release date. Meanwhile, you can watch the second season trailer to judge how awesome this show is.

Where to stream Black Summer?

Season 1 and 2 of Black Summer are available to stream on Netflix. Black Summer is one of the best zombie thrillers out there. We would recommend you to stream its first and second season on Netflix until season 3 arrives.