Bigg Boss Season 10 will open its door for the common people!
Bigg Boss Season 10 is going to be really interesting!

Bigg Boss has successfully conducted eight seasons and the ninth season is about to end.

During all these nine seasons of Bigg Boss, we have seen a lot of celebrities being a part of the show. Some were known faces, some were unknown, some gained popularity just because of the show. But all were related to the world of showbiz in some way or the other.

The 10th season of Bigg Boss is going to be different from the others. Colors channel have made the announcement that in the next season a few contestants will be selected from the public, who will get an opportunity to lead the life of a contestant on the show, staying in confinement for over 100 days along with some celebrities. According to the CEO of Colors Raj Nayak –

“Bigg Boss as a show is like a study in human psychology. One can learn so much about human behaviour through the actions of the housemates in a given situation. As we take on this interesting content innovation, we look forward to receiving some interesting entries from our increasing viewer base. We will be scouting for some great contestants in the months to come. You could be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, preacher, banker, entrepreneur, home-maker, taxi-driver, coolie, from any domain, any socio-economic background, have any calibre, if you think you are an entertainer, then this is the break that you have been looking for.”

Every year the channel receives thousands of emails, SMS texts, etc enquiring about ways to enter the show. As Colors gears up for the casting, interested participants can upload their videos at Interested people can upload a three-minute video showcasing a trait of the participant that will make them eligible for the show. The entries will open from 23 January and will be accepted until 31 May. The audition and the shortlisting process will start after that.

Finally, the day has arrived for all the Bigg Boss fans to be a part of the show!

Do you want to be a part of the Season 10? Tell us below!

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