Bigg Boss 9 Nostalgic Trip! : Highlights of Bigg Boss Season 9
Bigg Boss 9 Nostalgic Trip!

The crowd puller TV reality show Bigg Boss is famous for breaking TRP records, controversies, love, romance, drama, climax, fights and whatnots! Bigg Boss Double Trouble is finally over, and we are already missing the show.

While we wait for the next season-Bigg Boss 10 to come, here’s to all the fans of Bigg Boss, a flashback of Bigg Boss Season 9:

1. Luxury Budget Tasks:

Lagaan Task
Full on hard-work during Lagaan Task

How can we forget the “tough gets going” luxury budget tasks which always brought stress in the house!

2. Partner Exchange:

BB9 Partner Exchange
Partner Exchange Task

Partner Exchange Offer Given By Bigg Boss was full of suspense. While most of the Jodi refused to trade but few of them wanted badly to change their weak partner to win every task.

3. BB9 Hotel:

BB9 Hotel
BB9 Hotel Task

This was the task when Bigg Boss turned the house into a 7-star hotel and sent some Ex-contestants in the house to create a mess.

4. Shararti Bachha Task:

Shararti Bachha Task
BB9 Shararti Bachcha Task

The most childish task Shararti Bachha which turned so mature was a big flop! Remember kids acting grown up?

5. Celebrities Entry:

Salman Sharukh
Karan-Arjun @BB9

And the celebrity’s entry and exciting chats with them always made the environment of the house happy, fun and positive.

6. Nominations:

Nominations BB9
Game Changing Nominations

And how can we overlook the tough and game changing nominations.

7. Band Baja & Wild Cards:

Bigg Boss 9 Nostalgic Trip!
Wild Card Entry Rishabh Sinha entering the house

We thank Bigg Boss for bringing in the best wild cards of all time.

8. Dil-Fake Prince:

Bigg Boss 9 Nostalgic Trip!
Prince with his latest crush Nora

Everything is fair in love and war goes well with prince. Agree?

9. Hindi Hitch:

Hindi Problem
The Hinglish Girls

This season was full of Hindi mess created by Kurdish beauty Mandana and Former Miss India Rochelle Rao, even Salman was one of the victims of their confusing Hinglish.

10. Pretended Relationship?

Prince during task
The Bhai-Bhen Twist!

And the most shocking eviction of Kishwar Merchant brought tears in everyone’s eyes.

We hope the next season will bring more spice and fun tasks. Sayonara Bigg Boss, please come back soon!


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