We all have been waiting for Bigg Boss 9 with baited breaths and it has finally started off with a big big bang yesterday. The contestants are- Mandana Karimi, Kishwar Merchant, Prince Narula, Aman Varma, Yuvika Choudhary, Suyyash Rai, Ankit Gera, Rimi Sen, Rochelle Rao, Digangana Suryavanshi, Vikas Bhalla, Roopal Tyagi, Keith Sequiera and Arvind Vegda.

Bigg Boss 9  First Episode Highlights - Salman and Jacqueline dancing

Salman Khan entered the stage singing his very own ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ and also performed with ex-Bigg Boss participant Elli Avram and Daisy Shah. Rimi Sen also delivered a stunning performance. As Salman invited the contestants on stage, he asked them to choose a partner for themselves from the two options given to them. Rimi chose Suyyash Rai. Roopal Tyagi and Digangana Suryavanshi are partners on the show. Mandana Karimi chose actor Keith Sequeria over Ankit Gera, who was partnered with singer Arvind Vegda. Yuvika Chaudhary chose actor Vikas Bhalla over Prince Narula. Aman Verma has been partnered with Suyyash’s girlfriend Kishwer Merchant. And Prince got  Rochelle Rao as his partner.

Bigg Boss 9  First Episode Highlights - contestants

The major highlights of the first episode were-

  • Bigg Boss asking the contestants to decide whose bag they want to procure. Once they finish deciding, the participants are called to a room with a shredding machine at 3 am. One by one, all the pairs were asked whose bags they want to save while the other contestant’s bags were shredded. We saw a lot of drama here with Roopal crying and Rimi and Suyyash having a small fight.
  • Prince decides its payback time for his co-contestants who laughed at him. He is seen planning up with Rochelle. He also wants to form a group with Keith and Mandana also in it.
  • Roopal was questioned about her current relationship status and about her ex Ankit who is also in the house.
  • Keith walks out of the washroom wearing Mandana’s top and all the members have a good laugh. Though Rochelle looked visibly upset.
  • Bigg Boss announces that Ankit-Arvind, Rimi-Suyyash, Roopal-Digangana and Vikas-Yuvika are nominated for eliminations.
  • Keith was seen flirting with Mandana and Rochelle even had a talk with him about it.
  • And yes the snoring of Arvind made life in the house a little more difficult for the members!

That’s about it from the first episode, we will be patiently waiting for the second one!


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