Bigg Boss 9 Day 9- Highlights of the Day
Suyyash loses it!

The contestants woke up to ‘Mitwa’ from ‘Lagaan’, which was incidentally also the theme for Day 9 in the house of Bigg Boss.

  • Staying true to the theme of the song, Bigg Boss announces the Lagaan task. Appointing Aman and Kishwer as the ‘zamindaars’ and Arvind as the supervisor of the task, the rest of the housemates are given the role of workers. All corners of the house except the garden area were segregated to the workers and zamindaars were given the duty of cutting tax every time a ‘worker’ wished to visit any of the obstructed areas.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 9- Highlights of the Day- 1
The ‘Zamindaars’
  • The task required the workers to ground flour in pairs and sell a packet full of flour to the zamindaars for a negotiable price. The winner will then be declared depending on most number of coins. The zamindaars were against the workers and could manipulate the ‘tax rate’ according to their wish.
  • Realizing that the task was in favor of the zamindaars, the worker contestants started making strategies. The task sent the whole house into a frenzy and completely changed equations across the house, creating rifts between partners and other housemates.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 9- Highlights of the Day-2
The Lagaan Task
  • Problems between Mandana and Keith surface in front of all housemates, new difficulties arise between Rochelle and Vikas. As a result, Vikas and Mandana were also seen at loggerheads for quite a few reasons. Surprisingly, Rochelle and Mandana teamed up against him and made claims that Vikas is very egoistic.
  • During the Lagaan task, while grinding the flour, Yuvika bore the brunt of dehydration and fainted on the spot. The other housemates came to her rescue.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 9- Highlights of the Day- 3
Yuvika Faints
  • Rochelle was seen telling Keith how she also wants to become the captain of the house but Rimi is going to be the obstacle in fulfilling her desire.
  • Announcing that the housemates are breaking rules in the house, Bigg Boss tells captain jodi Yuvika- Vikas about the housemates speaking English. Following this, Vikas got angry with Digangana for not wearing her mike.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 9- Highlights of the Day- 4
“I am not your dog”
  • Eventually Mandana-Keith get into a big fight about having to cooperate with the others demands, while real life couple Suyyash and Kishwer also broke into a fight when worker Suyyash tried to trick Kishwer into giving them the coins.
  • By the end of the day, the Lagaan task had made all housemates hungry, tired, sleepy and unreasonable. Vikas and Rochelle also got into a fight when Vikas claimed that Rochelle ate food before the other contestants.
  • Rochelle’s unhappiness about being paired with escapist Rimi also comes to light when she breaks down about genuinely wanting to perform.

That’s a little too much for a single day, right??


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