Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights
Soanm Kapoor in the house

Day 6

The Weekend Special episode began with Salman Khan picking on the contestants that have been hogging the limelight throughout the week.

  • It began with Salman asking Ankit & Arvind why they chose Rimi & Suyyash to perform the most difficult tasks in the luxury budget task. Arvind gave the reason that they knew the couple won’t be able to perform it successfully. Salman, then summoned Suyyash & Rimi inside the secret room to wake Rimi up from her casual nature and asked Suyyash about his over crankiness.
  • Then it was Kishwer‘s turn, Salman questioned her about not expressing her wish to Aman to allow her more private time with Suyyash. Kishwer reasons that he himself should have been careful enough to notice that she needs to spend more time with her beau Suyyash.
  • Suyyash added he did not like the discourteous treatment of Aman for Kishwer. Salman offers that when there is an understanding between two partners, such things don’t matter much. Salman warned Suyyash that he shall be watching over him closely and he better act well with other ladies of the house as well.
  • Aman offered an argument to defend himself from the allegation and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes. Salman tried to end the argument saying everyone should use the right tone to speak or make a request to avoid the petty problems in future.

Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights

  • To lighten up the mood after the intense grilling session, Salman Khan introduced the Shandaar Jodi Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to the show. The pair gave a surprise visit to the housemates by dropping in tied to each other and announced they are here to play some fun games.

Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights

  • To begin with, Alia compliments Prince saying that he is her favorite contestant. Prince was head over heels on hearing this. Shahid and Alia further ask him to free himself from his partner and pick the girl who he would like to take for a romantic date. Prince happily chose Yuvika and left for their date in a room specially prepared for the date.

Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights

  • Meanwhile, Shahid and Alia ask housemates to give each other interesting titles where Arvind got the title of “Soya Gennie”, Rochelle as the “hottest girl”, while Keith got the “hottest guy” title. Mandana and Keith, got tagged as the “best Jodi” in the house.
Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights
Rochelle- The Hottest girl
  • In a new twist, a complaint box will be introduced in the house, wherein housemates will write their issues with other people inside the house. The complaints will be anonymous.
  • Suyyash and Prince will be given responsibility ‘of advocating all the complaints on behalf of the contestants. They can even cross question the person against whom the allegations have been made while that alleged housemate will stand in the Katghara.’

Day 7

Sunday episode was filled with a lot of excitement as one housemate had to leave the show with just one week of stay in their house. The episode kicked off with Salman Khan welcoming his Prem Ratan Dhan Payo co-star Sonam Kapoor.

Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights
Sonam & Salman grooving
  • Salman took Sonam inside the house to interact with the housemates. Playing a fun guessing game with the housemates, Salman Khan shows some candid pictures of the inmates and asks them to guess what the person might be thinking at that moment.
  • Showing them four pictures – Keith giving Mandana a massage while enjoying a pedicure from girlfriend Rochelle, Rochelle giving an almost cock-eyed expression, Rimi staring into nothingness, Ankit’s funny body language while talking and Digangana looking at her Rapunzel-like hairSalman enjoyed getting the inmates perspectives.
  • We also saw Salman playing an intense compatibility test with the inmates. Testing the compatibility of the contestants, Salman Khan had each pair write answers to his questions on 2 different white boards facing away from each other.
  • Then it was time for Snapdeal caller of the week where the call was for Keith and the caller asked him why he never took a stand for Rochelle when Mandana said that Rochelle is not at all smart. Keith answered the question quite diplomatically while Rochelle defended herself and said that her emotions are way stronger than any plotting or planning anyone wants to do in the house.
  • Finally, it was time for eviction and with the usual excitement in the air, Salman announced the eviction of Ankit Gera from the house and a gloomy atmosphere was seen in the house.
Bigg Boss 9: Day 6 and 7- Main Highlights
Ankit saying goodbye to Salman


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