Bigg Boss 9 - Day 39 Sneak Peeks | Latest Episode
Rishabh Sinha in Bigg Boss 9

We told you yesterday how Mandana will be thrown out of the house. After being thrown out of the house, she is back in the house! Now the million-dollar question is- Will the secret room task change her attitude towards housemates? We will find out soon, but for now, lets’s take a look at Bigg Boss 9 – Day 39 Sneak Peeks.

“Don’t show me this attitude”- Aman tells Rishabh! They get into a huge argument!

With Mandana back in the house after the ‘Secret Room’ task, she says she expected Kishwer to talk badly about her but not Rochelle and Aman!

Rishabh and Prince get into a major fight!

Lots and lots of drama in store for us in tonight’s episode!


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