Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Highlights : Short Highlights of Episode 3
We are the Champions!!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Highlights – Drama at its peak in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 9 is just getting heated up. If you thought day two was full of drama, then it was nothing in comparison to Day 3. Here are the highlights-

  • The house woke up to a medley of Tattad Tattad and Bhai Bhai, Arvind made Yuvika, Ankit and Prince do the ‘garba’ to the wake-up call song.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Highlights : Short Highlights of Episode 3 - Members enjoying
Goodmorning people!
  • It has been quite evident how insecure Rochelle has been ever since Day 1, given the pairing of her beau Keith and Mandana. She lost her cool yesterday and got into a catfight with Mandana!
  • Mandana asked Keith to switch beds with her so that she could stay away from the snoring kings Vikas and Arvind. Obviously, this did not go down well with Rochelle coz that would mean being separated from Keith. When she asked Mandana about the change, she reported that she had asked her partner and he was okay with the shift. All hell broke loose and thus started the big fight between the two.
Bigg Boss 9 | Day 3 Highlights
Dude, your lady needs to take a chill pill!!
  • Rochelle claimed that she was Keith’s girlfriend and Mandana had no right to call him her partner. However, Mandana stayed quite calm during Rochelle’s yelling and decided to sleep it off, while Rochelle cried n cried. As expected, Keith stayed away from the fight but finally came to hug Rochelle and asked her to take a chill pill.
  • The phobia tasks still continued with Bigg Boss announcing that the luxury budget will be delegated to the pair who wins the challenge.
  • Suyyash and Rimi surprisingly challenged Kishwer and her partner Aman to the Melophobia, the fear of music task. On the surface, it seemed too easy– all they had to do was play a mouth organ. Just that.. the mouth organ was in a huge dead fish’s mouth. So, they were practically making out with the fish. But they completed the task anyway, Aman even seemed to enjoy himself!
Bigg Boss 9 Day 3
That’s just Ewwww!!!!
  • Being the top target of the house, Kishwer and Aman were again challenged by Vikas and Yuvika for the Trichophobia, the fear of hair task which involved them slathering tufts of shampooed hair onto their face for 5 minutes. Ewwww…but they did it again successfully!
Day 3 - Bigg Boss 9
  • The next challenge was Trypanophobia, the fear of needles was given to Suyyash and Rimi by Roopal and Digangana. The challenge required them to make permanent tattoos of ‘Bigg Boss’. Without any clear indication of the size, Rimi refused to have the tattoo made. Citing unfair treatment upon not getting an answer from Bigg Boss about the size, Suyyash’s temper escalated a bit.
  • Mandana was seen taunting Suyyash about his comment against her. Breaking down and crying, Mandana created quite a ruckus while Suyyash apologized to her and even sang a song to make her feel better!
  • The love guru Prince was seen whispering in a corner to Yuvika about starting up a love affair. He was seen expressing to Yuvika how he gets negative vibes from Aman, Kishwer and Suyyash.
  • Mandana went a step ahead to tell Keith that he needs to calm his lady love, Rochelle down and make her understand that she is his partner on the show and she’s not trying not break them up!

Quite a turn of events, Isn’t it?


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