Bigg Boss 9- Day 2 | A new love story in the making?

After the rather boring day 1 in the house of Bigg Boss 9, day two had a lot of drama involved. The day begin ‘Bachke Tu Rehna’ playing in the morning. Household tasks were given to everyone and weekly tasks were allotted to everyone. The first luxury budget task were really interesting too. Let’s take a look at the highlights from the episode-

  • Even though Roopal claims she has moved on with her relationship with Ankit (who is also in the house), she still can not stop talkng about him. That’ s little weird right?
  • Mandana seems to think Roopal doesn’t do enough household chores in the house and is a little lazy. We’ll have to wait and see what Roopal has to say about this.
  • Prince and Roopal seem to be bonding really well. We saw Prince telling her about his dirty past with police cases against him!
  • Luxury budget tasks were allotted to all the members that revolved around everyone’s phobia. Some were really disgusting!
  • First phobia –Omphalophobia, the fear of bellybuttons was given to Roopal and Digangana by Prince and Rochelle. They had to stick their faces into a fat man’s belly button for three whole minutes. Ewwww…but they did it anyways.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 2 | A new love story in the making?- Roopal
The Dirtiest Task!
  • Second Phobia –Globophobia, the fear of balloons for which Keith and Mandana chose Arvind and Ankit. Their task was to blow up the balloons until it bursts and they also completed the task.
  • Third Phobia –Obesophobia, the fear of gaining weight. Kishwer and Aman chose Vikas and Yuvika for the task. The task was to eat all the food within 15 minutes. But sadly, they quit the task as Yuvika couldn’t eat more. Bad luck Kishwer!
  • Fourth Phobia –Phalacrophobia, the fear of baldness! Yes, you guessed it right, they chosen ones had to get bald to win the task. Ankit and Arvind chose Suyyash and Rimi. Though Suyyash was willing, Rimi didn’t wanted to go bald at all!
  • We also got to find out more about the couples in the house- Rochelle- Keith and Suyyash- Kiswer.
  • Rochelle openly accepted how she chased Keith till they got committed. Though Keith was not excited at all about this revelation.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 2 | A new love story in the making?- Keith
Is this really love?
  • Suyaash and Kishwer or rather “Sukish” were seen discussing their partners and how this is going to affect their performances.
  • Also, Prince tried to woe Yuvika, he asked Yuvika to consider him when she looks out for a guy to marry. That’s a little too straight! He even picked a fight with Mandana defending Yuvika.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 2 | A new love story in the making?- Prince
Any sparks flying??
  • As the day came to an end and lights go off, the snoring kings Arvind and Ankit decided to sleep on the living room couches so that everyone gets a peaceful sleep.

Overall it was a very eventful day. We look forward to the next day!


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