Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day

The house woke up to the song ‘Chin ta ta ta’ clearly explaining how tense the game is going to get.

  • Keith spoke to Rochelle about getting dragged into the nominations despite not having an issue with anyone. Also, Roopal made an appeal to Bigg Boss to change her partner because she couldn’t bear with Digangana and her sluggish nature anymore.
  • Bigg Boss left the contestants astonished by introducing ‘Double Trouble’ room. Bigg Boss asked Aman & Kishwar to enter two sound proof booths to test their decision-making power that can directly or indirectly change the dynamics of the entire house.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day- 1
Kishwer & Aman in the booths
  • They were given three options and were asked to announce their decision by pressing the buzzer. Their options were:

1) If one of them presses the buzzer, the whole house will be bandhan mukt.

2) If both press the buzzer, Aman and Kishwer will get into the bandhan.

3) If none of them press the buzzer, they will get into the bandhan along with another jodi but the rest of the house will be freed of the bandhan.

  • The entire house was waiting in anticipation to know about Aman and Kishwer’s decision. In the end, only Aman pressed the buzzer thus the entire house became ‘bandhan-mukt’, much to the relief of every housemate.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day- 2
Housemates Bandhan-Mukt!
  • Captain of the house, Kishwer was given a task to give tags to few housemates that they had to keep with them until the next announcement. After contemplating a lot, Kishwer finally gives ‘Rule breaker’ tag to Rochelle, ‘Boring’ to Arvind, ‘Unhygienic’ to Aman, ‘Kaam Chor’ to Vikas, ‘Fake’ to Mandana and ‘Entertainer’ to Prince.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day- 3
Rule Breaker Rochelle
Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day- 5
Entertainer Prince
  • Everyone was happy to receive the quirky tags from Kishwer except Mandana who looked disappointed and unhappy on being called fake.
  • The day finally came to an end with Bigg Boss introducing the SelfieTask where the contestants were divided into two teams-A and B. According to the task rules, each team was asked to click selfies in different parts of the house while other team was asked to distract them from doing so.
Bigg Boss 9 Day 12- Highlights of the Day- 6
The Selfie Task
  • Excited to click selfies, the housemates went on a photo bombing spree and tried to complete the task in the given time. But as the task progressed, the fun and enjoyment started turning into fights and arguments.
  • Kishwer and Rochelle ended up having a serious argument during the task. Rochelle assumed that Kishwer was clicking a selfie with her team and put her hand to stop them in fulfilling their task. Kishwer’s anger flared up at this and she shouted at Rochelle for disturbing her.
  • Finally, Team A was announced the winner for clicking the best selfies.
  • Later, in the washroom area, Mandana and Rochelle were seen talking about how aggressive Kishwer gets at times. They also mentioned that even Suyyash jumps in to defend her at such times.

So, this is how another day came to an end!


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