Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 Day 4 Highlights :  Sonali, Gautam on target of secret society

Bigg Boss has been strict with the rules all the seasons. This season doesn’t seem to be different too. Sonali has been caught many times speaking in English. Also, Gautam was caught sleeping day time, which is again against the rule. Therefore, by the orders of Bigg Boss, the Secret Society were asked to punish both for violating the rules. Sonali and Gautam were punished by standing on the aircraft wing, with their backs facing each other and not talking till the Secret Society gives them the exemption.

Bigg Boss 8 Day 4 Highlights : Short Highlights of Day 4
Gautam and Sonali punished

The next jolt in the episode was the nomination of this season. The inmates were asked to vote out whom they don’t like by burning their pic. However, Secret Society too gave in their names to vote out. Therefore, Natasa Stankovic, Sonali Raut, Gautam Gulati and Sukirti Kandpal have been nominated whose faith will be decided on Saturday by the host, Salman Khan.

The inmates too have formed groups. Arya and Karishma are getting stronger with their friendship and so are Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares in their romance.

The next episode pre-cap shows, Bigg Boss asks the Secret Society whom they think doesn’t fit the Secret Society group and they can throw him/her out.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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