Bigg Boss 8 Day 12 - Nomination Special
Bigg Boss 8 Day 12 - Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 8 Day 12 Highlights : Sukirti, Gautam and Praneet nominated

The second nomination of this season took place. All of the inmates nominated Gautam for abusing Karishma during the task. Praneet was nominated for not following some hygiene rules like using kitchen scissors to train beard and not keeping bathroom clean. Sukirti was nominated by the evicted contestant Sonali using her special power in Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Aftr the nominations took place, Bigg Boss asked Sonali Raut to come to the confession room. The inmates were confused until Sonali entered the room leaving the inmates stunned. Everyone greeted Sonali except Sukirti, obviously for nominating her. Karishma soon went inside the room and gossiped about Sonali to Deepshika and Natasha about how Sonali is trying to gather attention. The ladies gossiped throughout the night about Sonali’s return.

Bigg Boss 8 Day 12 Highlights
Sukirti Kandpal – Should she be eliminated

Meanwhile, A small tiff broke up between Minnisha and Praneet over the task. Soon it cooled down.

As all the inmates are against Gautam, looks like Gautam found solace in Sonali. The duo talked a lot and he even sang song and they both danced and gave cheek-to-cheek kisses in the presence of Preetham. This didn’t go too well with Diandra who was very close to Gautam initially.

Bigg Boss 8 Day 12 Higlights - Should Gautam Gulati be eliminated
Gautam Gulati – Should he be eliminated

Next episode will show Bigg Boss asking Sonali to rank the contestants in terms of Looks, attitude and character. This will definitely stir lots of controversy!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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