Best Bitcoin and Crypto Movies you Need to Watch
Crypto - Best Crypto and Bitcoin Movies

Cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, have made headlines in recent years. More people are learning about the phenomenon, and many are investing in it. Despite the volatility in bitcoin price, more companies are accepting bitcoin as their mode of payment. You can play BTC crypto dice in your favourite casino nowadays, and that is not all; the film industry is also trying to seize its opportunity to tell its story on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Here is a list of must-watch bitcoin and crypto movies:

1) Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on bitcoin is one of the most unpopular movies that offer comprehensive coverage about bitcoin and its technology. The film was directed by Christopher Cannucciari and released in 2016.  This 1 hour and 23minute movie elaborated the ideological battle between the bitcoin enthusiasts and capitalists.  By watching this movie, you gain a lot of understanding of proper timing before investing in bitcoin. 

2) The End of Money as We Know It

This 60-minute movie was created by Torsen Hoffmann and was released in 2014. This movie remains to be one of the best crypto movies to date. The film traces the history of money from ancient times to the modern trading world. It also talks about the central bank’s activities and those who contributed to the financial crisis. What makes this movie stand out among the rest is that it spends the first half of the film educating the viewers about the history of money to understand the second half about bitcoin better. After watching the movie, you will gain a great understanding of why bitcoin is a world-changing invention that should be embraced. 

3) Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Alex Winter, the director, explores the origin of cryptocurrency and blockchain’s contribution to reducing poverty.  The movie was funded and distributed by blockchain. It had some hitch when starting, but it portrays blockchain’s power and strength by supporting a movie. The film focuses on blockchain’s strength to tackle various issues such as hunger and economic inequality. It also shows the evolution of cryptocurrency and, as a result, blockchain.

4) Crypto {2019}

The film was directed by John Stalberg and was released in 2019 by Lionsgate. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes movie. It is a crime drama movie with a lot of references from crypto content. The film focuses on a significant character running a failing liquor business who invests in an initial coin offering. He also mines cryptocurrency secretly using a computer set in his store. The movie also focuses on big banks and their fear of being irrelevant due to cryptocurrency growth. However, the banks are buying cryptocurrency, intending to inflate the price to make it unaffordable. There is also a group of Russian mob laundering money using the same bank and are again using crypto.   The movie has gained a lot of popularity and has also gained regular viewing. The main idea in this movie is money laundering and other decentralized currencies and real-life technologies.  The film is also meant to show that the end of money laundering is in crypto. However, not all are in support of the idea of using cryptocurrency.

5) Life on Bitcoin

This documentary focuses on a young couple who gives themselves a three-month challenge to live on cryptocurrency.  The movie was created in 2013 by Austin and Beccy Craig. The film emerged from an argument that bitcoin can or cannot buy essential everyday items like traditional money. The film became popular since the couple documented their journey to pay using bitcoin. Recently VidAngel agreed to distribute the movie on their platforms such as YouTube, and iTunes. VidAngel features one of the most extensive collections of family-friendly films and standup comedy. Since more people embrace bitcoin, these movies give precise answers to the challenges in the crypto industry. The couple had to educate some people on bitcoin so that they can purchase anything. This is a must-watch movie, especially if you are planning to embark on the use of bitcoin.

6) The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, even though it is very volatile in terms of prices. Nicholas Mross directed the film in 2014. Daniel discovered bitcoin in 2011 and has been fascinated by it ever since.  He conducted interviews with various companies and people who have played critical roles in the expansion of bitcoin. The movie focuses on the thirty-five-year-old computer programmer Daniel Mross, who focuses on his job and family and discovers a new passion for cryptocurrency. Nicholas and his brother decided to film this documentary to educate the world on cryptocurrency. Daniel and his interviewees become pioneers of this mysterious concept of bitcoin. After watching the rise of bitcoin, you will understand the concept of bitcoin and how it works.

These are some of the most popular bitcoin and crypto movies that you should watch. They are not just entertainment movies but educative as well.