Bahubali 2 Trailer Review: S.S. Rajamouli is back with the second instalment of Bahubali and it has blockbuster written all over it.

I woke up to a big surprise today when I saw that Bahubali 2 trailer is already out since it was promised to be launched at 5 in the evening. But that does not mean that I am disappointed!

Bahubali 2 trailer is out and the makers of the movie seem to have put in a lot of effort in making it worth our while. Director SS Rajamouli promised us that the conclusion of Bahubali will be one to remember and we are happy to say that he has delivered. Let’s read our Bahubali 2 trailer review.

The trailer starts off with a small yet heavy line delivered by Amrendra Bahubali aka Prabhas. He promises to protect the people residing in Maheshmati even if it meant giving up his own line. Then we get to see how much the people love and respect him, in fact, they adore him like their own child.

There are some strikingly beautiful sequences in the trailer especially the one where we see Prabhas riding on the back of a horse. The most interesting part of the trailer is when we are introduced to Devasena’s past, she’s a real beauty and she knows how to defend herself too. Amrendra falls for her almost instantaneously. We also get a glimpse of the grandeur of the empire of Maheshmati.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see how things start to get sour between Amrendra and his brother Bhallala Deva. This leads to a war or ‘Antaryuddh’ in Sivagami’s words. Bahubali promises Kattapa that he won’t be touched till the moment Kattappa supports him (cue tears here). The fighting sequences are extremely violent and we are expecting some high on octane action scenes in the movie. The VFX could have been a little better but I am not exactly complaining, this is the best Bollywood has seen so far in terms of visual effects.

Bahubali 2 is scheduled to release on 28 April. Do leave your comments about Bahubali 2 trailer below.

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