Baby Movie Poster
Baby Movie Poster

Baby 7th Day Collection: Baby collected around 65 crores in its first week at domestic Box Office.

Akshay Kumar’s action-thriller Baby was released last Friday along with Dolly Ki Doli.  After getting an average start at Box Office with opening day collection of 9.3 Crores, the movie has shown good growth on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Released on around 2500 screens the movie enjoyed a decent opening weekend (including Monday) with the collection of 50.07 crores. On Tuesday, the movie saw a drop of around 50% from Friday but still manages to have a decent opening week at Box Office. On its 7th day, the movie collected around 5 crores at domestic Box Office. Baby now stands at a total domestic Box Office collection of 65 crores.

We have already predicted in our Box Office Prediction section that Baby wouldn’t be getting a big opening at Box Office. Like Neeraj Pandey’s previous movies, Baby too got superb reviews from critics. The WOM from the public has been tremendous which has certainly boosted up the Box Office numbers.

Akshay Kumar enjoys a good fan following in mass centres but since Baby is not a typical masala entertainer, the response from mass centres like U.P, Bihar, MP and Rajasthan have been average. The movie has delivered good numbers in high-end multiplex cities like Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. The movie was released along with Dolly ki Doli which though being a small release has certainly eaten up a good number of screens. Dolly Ki Doli was released on around 800 screens.

Baby 7th Day Collection : First Week Box Office Report
Akshay Kumar in Baby

Baby Box Office Collection : Day-Wise updates

Baby 1st Day Collection : 9.3 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 2nd Day Collection : 11.17 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 3rd Day Collection : 15.6 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 1st weekend collection : 36.07 Crores
Baby 4th Day Collection : 14.9 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 5th Day Collection : 5.10 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 6th Day Collection : 4.25 Crores (Confirmed figure)
Baby 7th Day Collection : 3.5 Crores (Early estimates)
Baby Lifetime collection : 63.82 Crores (Till First Week, domestic only)

First week Collection of Baby is more than Entertainment but marginally less than Holiday. Here is the first week collection of Akshay Kumar’s last three movies.

Holiday : 68 Crores.
Entertainment :  56.5 Crores
The Shaukeens : 28 Crores
Baby :  65 Crores

Baby is riding high on good WOM and rave reviews by critics. Baby has a decent first week at domestic Box Office. The movie is expected to have a long run at domestic Box Office as there are no big releases this week. The movie is made on a budget of around 75 crores and is expected to recover it by end of second weekend. It would be interesting to see if it becomes the first 100 crore grosser of 2015.

Stay tuned for more Box Office updates.

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  1. Baby is an outstanding achievement by an Indian director. This movie is the best movie ever in this genre.
    Hats off to Neeraj Pandey. He is India’s best director. And three cheers to Superstar Akshay Kumar for a restrained but powerhouse performance. Every department of this movie is superb. Be it direction , acting by an ensemble cast, editing, story, screenplay, cinematography, everything is superb. The word of mouth is fantastic and even the critics rating are great too. This is cinema at its best.
    Baby is not against Muslims as some vested interests are trying to make believe, people who have not viewed the movie. It is against terrorism. In fact there are several Muslims shown as heroic and patriotic. Danny Denzongpa plays Firoz, who heads the secret mission, is a Muslim. Ashfaq,the Indian agent in Al Dera is a Muslim.A young Muslim boy shows up the courage to expose the terrorists, and is appreciated by the hero Akshay Kumar. More than Akshay Kumar, the hero of the movie and his team, it is the Muslim characters in the movie who help in the fight against terrorism. So this movie is not anti-Muslim . In fact, Muslim and they are shown as heroic.
    The film is not even anti Pakistan and has several Pakistani artists. In fact Pakistani actor Rashid Naz has given a superlative performance as the main terrorist. Only terrorism is the villain. And the movie hits out at terrorism.
    Danny Denzongpa is fantastic, Aupam Kher puts in a spunky performance, Rana Dagubatti is good is a small role., Kay Kay Menon in a small role mesmerizes, Sushant Singh is good, Tapasee Pannu is awesome and does the best action scene done by an Indian actress ever. Madhurima Tulee is apt in her role and supports, and Murali Sharma is eye catching in his brief role.
    Baby is a classic movie, I think the best movie made in India , in this genre ever. And director Neeraj Pandey is fast becoming a cult film maker what with a track record of A Wednesday, Special 26 and now Baby, Exemplary!
    And Akshay Kumar is fast becoming the most versatile actor ever, what with him juggling between so many genres and so many different roles, and doing them well.
    Roll on the TAX-FREE status please…..this is my humble request to the Government of India , so all Indians can see this spectacular and patriotic movie.. All this is so motivating and moving and patriotic. Bravo Baby…
    This technically brilliant movie which is the best ever in this genre should get its due and be appreciated.
    Baby should be given a TAX-FREE status by the Indian government. This should be the appeal of all Indians.
    And I think Super star Akshay Kumar and director Neera Pandey both deserves a National Award.


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