Babloo Happy Hai Music Review

Babloo Happy Hai is slightly above okay.

Babloo Happy Hai Music Review did not brought out anything good or even above average. But I would still not criticise it much because the director has at at least tried some things very difficult. What are those different things ? Lets’ find out in detail.

The music for Babloo Happy Hai has been composed by Bishakh-Kanish and was released by FilmyBox. The best pick from the album is its tittle track. (Babloo Happy Hai).

Lets walk through the entire album and see how Babloo Happy Hai performs trackwise during our review

  • Babloo Happy Hai

    Hard Kaur & Bishakh-Kanish opens the album with Babloo happy hai. The upbeat, rap music track is one of the best rap-music tracks i have heard in last two months. I am glad the album started with such a nice track, good lyrics, excellent music makes it click. Play it more than once and dance on its tune.

  • Jimmy Bhand

    “Jimmy Bhand” appears weird. It is a punjabi mix track sung by Mika Singh. When I browsed thru. the lyrics it individually it appeared  fine. But in a sync it does not click. Avoidable overall.

  • Banjaran

    Sonu Kakkar and Rahul Ram have given their voice to Banjaran. The musical embassy of Banjaran is based on Arabic touches similar to one you find in Ek tha Tiger. However, the song does not goes as well as Mashallah did.

  • Bade Bade Akshar Me

    The song has nothing wrong but still does not clicks well. The lyrics are ok. Singing is ok. Music is ok. but this fusion music song does not fits in well with everything together. Ends up just out of sync.

  • Nachtey Raho

    Nachtey Raho is a smooth latin track. The Lyrics offers nothing new or good but the way music and singing carries this song is commendable. Nachtey Raho is still carries well and in the mist of so many sound, Nachtey raho goes well.

  • Popcorn

    Popcorn is simply avoidable. Simply avoidable. Let’s pretend Popcorn wasn’t a part of this album.

  • Uhe Batiyan

    Sung by Shankar Mahadevan, ‘Uhe Batiyan’ is a classical singing on a fusion Indie music and does appears different. The song sooth our ears even though it is a bit lengthy.

Babloo Happy Hai Music Review : Overall Impression

Babloo Happy Hai is not at all impressive and can be avoided easily too. There are very less chances that you will take back something. But still if something can be taken it is the title track.

Babloo Happy Hai Soundtrack Details

Let’s look at album’s soundtrack artist details below

[box title=”Babloo Happy Hai Soundtrack Details” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

Track NoTitleRatingLyricsSingerMusic
1Babloo Happy HaiProtique MojoomdarHard KaurBishakh-Kanish
2BanjaranProtique MojoomdarSonu Kakkar,Rahul RamBishakh-Kanish
3Jimmy BhandProtique MojoomdarMika Singh, Payal DevBishakh-Kanish
4Bade Bade AksharProtique MojoomdarBishakh Jyoti, Sniti MishraBishakh-Kanish
5Nachtey RahoProtique MojoomdarKanish Sharma, Tanya GuptaBishakh-Kanish
6PopcornProtique MojoomdarAditi Singh Sharma, Protique MojoomdarBishakh-Kanish
7Uhe BaatiyanProtique MojoomdarShankar MahadevanBishakh-Kanish


Babloo Happy Hai Music Review : Soundtrack Verdict

Listen to Babloo Happy Hai title track and Banjaran Remixed version and leave aside the rest.

Babloo Happy Hai Soundtrack Glimpses

Some Preview tracks from Babloo Happy hai :-


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Jimmy Band – Mika Singh

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Babloo Happy Hai Title Track

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Trailer – Babloo Happy Hai

Watch the Official Trailer of Babloo Happy Hai here – Babloo Happy Hai

Babloo Happy Hai Music Review | Music Review n Soundtrack Details
Babloo Happy Hai Music Review | Music Review n Soundtrack Details

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