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Emraan Hashmi - Azhar

Emraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai and Nargis Fakhri starrer Azhar is releasing today. The movie has been in the news for a year now and Emraan Hashmi’s fans are eager to see him bounce back after a series of flops at the Box Office. The movie has created good buzz and is expected to have a decent opening. Well, the reviews are coming and it seems that Emraan has impressed everyone as Mohammad Azharuddin. Let’s read how the critics have rated and reviewed Emraan Hashmi’s Azhar.

Azhar Critics Reviews And Ratings

Azhar Movie Review By Manjusha Radhakrishnan Of Gulf News: If you are expecting Hashmi to deliver a captain’s innings here, then you are looking up the wrong film. However, if you are in the mood for a salacious potboiler that buries the real problem then Azhar may work for you.
Rating: 2 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Sneha May Francis Of Emirates 24/7: Emraan is harmless in white, and puts his collar up in true Azhar style, but he never manages to capture his persona. Azhar is a tough personality to crack on screen, we understand, but Emraan rarely gets it right. Sports drama ‘Chak De India’ had brilliantly captured the politics of hockey on-field and off it, unfortunately ‘Azhar’ refrains from doing either. It remains, but sadly a story of a fallen hero, “fixed” Bollywood style.
Rating: 2 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Meena Iyer Of TOI : A disclaimer at the start says that it is not a biopic on the life of one of the most celebrated and controversial Indian cricket captains Mohammad Azharuddin(Emraan). So the makers hoodwink you submission that it is not a biopic. But one has also to be blind, not to be able to see the similarities between Azhar’s life and this film.
Rating: 3.5 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Raja Sen Of Rediff: As a work of fan-fiction, Azhar is a mostly watchable film with a solid lead, but falls far short of being either entertaining, insightful, or worthy of recommendation. Hashmi and D’Souza try hard, and their effort shows. I just wish I could have said the boys played well.
Rating: 1.5 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Shubra Gupta Of The Indian Express: This could have been a great cautionary tale about a great sport at a time when it was just becoming the arena it has grown into—full of big money and glamour, bigger endorsements and never-ending temptations : it is, instead, an inept ‘tamasha’, not very different from the stuff Bollywood churns out, the cricket just the superstructure for tired song-and-dance and melodrama, in living rooms and court-rooms. Nope, this ‘Azhar’ doesn’t hit it out of the stadium.
Rating: 1.5 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Bollywood Hungama: On the whole, AZHAR is a highly engaging piece of cinema that grips you completely and keeps you guessing. The story telling is objective as it shows both sides of the coin. You are simultaneously treated to the arguments for and against the verdict on Azhar’s personal and public upheavals. You are also made to come across a fiercely hungry actor in Emraan Hashmi who simply grabs you by your eyeballs and compels you to witness his masterful knock! AZHAR is a superlative watching experience. Don’t miss it for anything!
Rating: 4 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review By Koimoi: Azhar could easily be said to be one of the weakest films when it comes to portraying a real-life character on-screen. The writers have a great subject at hand and there is so much to explore but what they stick to is an overly commercial approach. Azhar is a complete misfiled. It neither captures the spirit of the game nor the personality. A 2/5 for the film!
Rating: 2 Stars
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Azhar Movie Review: Final Words
The reviews are mixed and it seems that the Box Office performnce of the movie will depend on the WOM of the public. Azhar is definitely a must watch for Emraan Hashmi’s loyal fans.


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