Alia Bhatt Vs Shraddha Kapoor : Fight for the Hottest 10
Alia Bhatt Vs Shraddha Kapoor : Fight for the Hottest 10

Well, B-town fans’, as we draw crazily towards revamping our list of 10 hottest young Bollywood stars, Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor seems to be fighting for a better place in this great publicly voted list.

You opinion is what makes it a crazy list, so click on your favourite star and let them win the show.

Well until the polling ends, check out the current top 10.

Check out the current list: 10 Hottest Young Bollywood stars

10 Hottest Young Bollywood Actress Publicly Voted
10 Hottest Young Bollywood Actress Publicly Voted


  1. sanjali u have no right to say so
    shraddha is the best
    i also not like alia so i can also say her stupid and worst

  2. Alia is the best. No one can defeat her in acting. Shraddha may be pretty. But Alia is glorious. She has many impressive roles in Highway and Udta Punjab.

  3. I love shraddha .. She’s the best of course .. Better than than Witch alia…YUCK !! SHe’s spooky

  4. You idiot watch ABCD 2 THEN U WILL UNDERSTAND … She can dance better than that alia of course… And she can sing u know… I think u are a bit mentally ill
    Alia looks like she has no cuteness at all… And shraddha is such a beauty…
    Watch yourself first … ,, f**k u damn laiba

  5. Vese to aliya n shrdha both r gd bt i think sharadha me lots of atitude h jbki aliya me cutness aliya is more better then sharadha. vese to sbk apne apne points h in dono ko lekr n me kisi ki feeling hrt nhi krna chahti bt jo real me h vo to h..

  6. alia is far better thn shraddha…She can dance, Act and sing as well…while shraddha only has a cute face she can’t dance sing and act… she ia an over actor.. she destroys the beautiful songs like Galliyan and sab tera … and she can’t dance … if she dances her expressions are just ugghhhh… as in Bezubban phr se…. she is so dumb and can’t act she has a cute face… she should prefer modeling instead of acting…

  7. Alia is best actress…. alia ne sabhi filmo mein apna best work kiya hai…. aur uske jaisi newcomer… bollywood mein ab tak nahi aai hai… she looks cute… she is beautiful… she was donr a beautiful songs like ladaki beautiful kar gayi chull… gulaabo… and much more… udta punjab jaisi film…. usne ki hai… aur itne sare senior people mein uski acting ko saraha gaya hai… to obviously Alia is better singer dancer actor… and much more…. I love alia….


  9. Sanjali .. maybe u are wrong .. because i feel ki yeh sab filme kar ke usme attitude aa gya hei ki usne to itni saari film kar li … Sath hi varun dhawan ke sath uski achi bonding hei .. is baat pe bhi vo ghamnd karti hei … aur rahi baat expression ki to movies me vo ache expression deti hei par real life me vo aise expression deti hei ki jasie puri industry me vo hi ek best hei … or maybe ghamndi expression bhi app keh sakte ho … apka bhi point of view thik hei … but mujhe aisa laga ki App Shardha ko underestimate kar rahe ho .. isliye mene aisa kha ..

  10. alia is always better than shraddha!! frankly speaking, she has done many outstanding films like highway, 2states and now Kapoor and sons and of course udta Punjab, how can we forget the poor bihari migrant from that film. shraddha hasn’t done any KIND of SERIOUS film, and she does a lot of overacting in all of her films. I think she is the worst young actress in Bollywood even parineeti and kriti are better than her. and alia always in the top. her acting skills, dance, singing, performing etc is way better than shraddha and her looks, beauty, CUTENESS, hotness etc are also very very better than shraddha…. and her awards prove her acting skills in all her films.. alia is the best! shraddha is the worst…..


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