Akshay Kumar's Canadian Citizenship

A lot has been said about Akshay Kumar’s citizenship. We all know that Akshay Kumar has don’t has a right to vote in India as he has Canadian citizenship. Apparently, the actor left Indian citizenship and opted for Canadian citizenship.

On Akshay Kumar’s Wikipedia page, it is written that he is an Indian-born Canadian star. However, khiladi kumar has denied these report. At the success part of Jolly LLB 2, when Akshay was asked about his Candian nationality, he replied, “That is honoring.. not what you think.”

Well, we researched more about it and found that Akshay was honoured with a doctorate degree from The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, for his contribution to the Indian film industry and for his social work in Canada. The Canadian government offered him citizenship and passport which he gracefully accepted. Since India don’t recognize dual citizenship, Akshay opted for Canadian citizenship.

University of Windsor conferred Akshay Kumar
University of Windsor conferred Akshay Kumar

In one of his interviews, when Akshay was asked about his Canada connection, he said, “I have a strong affiliation with Canada and also have dual citizenship. It’s a place that I really love—the open terrain, the scenery, the wide roads and the clean streets. It’s the complete contrast of my homeland, although I love India for all the opposite reasons and it’s my home.”

Source: Quora