Akshay Kumar about Khans: I have no competition with Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir
Akshay Kumar about Khans: I have no competition with Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir

Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar about Khans. He has a lot to say.

There is always an underlying rivalry between the top celebrities of Bollywood, be it for meaty roles, for Box Office collection or for getting the dates they desire without any big clashes. In a recent interview Akshay Kumar talked about it. Akshay Kumar about Khans and rivalry between them.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Akshay Kumar was questioned about his rivalry with the three Khans.Here is what Akshay Kumar has to say-

“To compete with your peers is to play a fool’s game. The Khans are a force to reckon with. They are the ‘Khans’ for a reason. I have never competed with them. It would be wrong of me to want to do that. I know who I am, and I know where my name and effort can take me. I’m more than happy with my space in this world. That’s why I have so much peace of mind. I’m not running a marathon that has no finish line. On a lighter note, I can run around the block and come back home in time for dinner. I admire the Khans’ star power and salute their success. They do the same with me. But we are not in the same race. We never have been, and never will be.

We could not agree more with what Akshay Kumar has to say. He will soon be seen in Rustom. Do you also agree with him? Tell us what you feel below.

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  1. Whatever superstar Akki says….he being his humble self….we all know how Akki keeps us happy and content with his 3-4 releases every year….and churns the wheels of the Indian film industry…like no one else..


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