Boss Movie Review - Akshay Kumar
Boss Movie Review - Akshay Kumar

Boss Movie Review : Akshay Kumar continues to foll his fans

Akshay Kumar has terrible choices and why he did Boss is hard to understand. Boss is a shameless depiction of cultural exemplification with screeching loud unnecessary music.

Pokkiri Raja was one of the biggest hits in Malayalam film industry and its adaption Boss is a pathetic implementation. Neither Akshay Kumar is able to pretend as Salman Khan nor does movie succeeds in pretending as Wanted.

The movie starts on a scene showing Shiv( Shiv Pandit), Akshay’s brother, and revolves around him while setting a base for Inspector Ayushman ThakurRonit Roy), the villian. Then the script makes a shift and prepares another base, this time for the hero i.e Boss( Akshay Kumar). Entire first half is wasted in this process. Second half of the movie is disappointing as well, the movie goes on to deliver nothing special and a very predictable screenplay with idiotic jokes and senseless words.

However there are some parts of the movie which impressed me. Like the end fight sequence between Ronit & Akshay, it was a beautifully crafted piece of art. Similarly the cameo of Sonakshi Sinha, where Akshay says ‘Sonakshi ji aap party me ayi acha laga‘ is a rare simple scene for the movie. Not to forget the entrance of Ankita(Aditi Rao Hydari) was made much sexier than expected.

There are no complaints regarding actors’ individual performances. Everyone performed their part well. Mithun Chakraborty as Satyakant Shastri did a nice job showing abhimaani, khuddhar pita. Ronit Roy was not only good at being evil. His physical dimensions were also good keeping in mind his age.

Boss is not able to keep aside the melodrama for even few scenes and this makes it unbearable for watching with a sound mind.It had the potential for being a nice movie but shame on the directional implementation by Anthony D’Souza.

Blog to Bollywood would not recommend you to watch ‘Boss’. However the decision lies on your own choice.

We would rate it as 1 on a scale of 5.


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