Akshay Kumar as Bal Thackeray in his biopic. Can he pull it off?
Akshay Kumar as Bal Thackeray in his biopic. Can he pull it off?

After the huge success of Rustom, it is now being claimed that we may get to see Akshay Kumar as Bal Thackeray in his upcoming biopic.

Bal Thackeray’s grandson Rahul and his daughter-in-law Smita are currently working on a biopic based on Thackeray’s life. One of the names that have popped up is Akshay Kumar as Bal Thackeray.

Akshay’s latest movie Rustom has been very successful at the box-office and during an interaction with the media for the success of the movie, Akshay was asked whether he would like to play Thackeray’s role. He said- “I don’t know whether I suit the character first of all, whoever makes it will have to first think if I suit the character or not. I don’t know about it. Rather people should think about it, because it is not a small personality, it’s a big personality that you’re talking about. So I cannot answer it like this.”

Making biopics has become a very big trend these days. Rustom was also a biopic of sorts. Akshay even expressed his views about this trend of biopics. He said “I think biopics have been picked up by audience in a good way and it’s great that biopic is about a great person’s story which comes in front of the audience and they would love to see how they became great, so it’s good to make biopics. Biopics work for India, so it’s good that India is making it.”

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