Akshay and Hrithik Are Chatting On Twitter & We Are Absolutely Loving It
Akshay and Hrithik Are Chatting On Twitter & We Are Absolutely Loving It

It doesn’t look that Akshay Kumar’s Rustom and Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro are clashing at Box Office on 12 Aug 2016. Not at least from how the two actors are bonding with each other on Twitter. At the time when two superstars are all set to clash at Box Office, it is least expected that they will promote each other. But, this is what exactly happening. Akshay and Hrithik are sports. Instead of indulging in a rat race, the two superstars are promoting each other on twitter.

With just 4 days to go for the release, Hrithik Roshan not only tweeted about Mohenjo Daro but also mentioned Akki’s Rustom in the same tweet. (Read: 5 reasons to watch Rustom)

On this, Akshay Kumar had a sweet and funny reply.

These two superstars are appreciating each other’s movie for a long time. When the trailer of Rustom was released, Hrithik Roshan appreciated it on twitter, tagging Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle replies were also full of grace.

While everyone is busy comparing and thinking about the Box Office fate of these two movies, Akshay and Hrithik seems to have no effect of this clash. All they want is the success of both movies, so, they can party together. Well, we can only wish them for the success of their movies. (Read: Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Screen Count)



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