Akira Movie Reviews: Critics Reviews and Ratings
Akira Movie Reviews: Critics Reviews and Ratings

Sonakshi Sinha‘s Akira is out in the theaters now. Directed by A.R.Murugadoss, Akira the official remake of the Tamil film Mouna Guru. The critics have spoken and the reviews are out now.
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Akira Critics Reviews and Rating:

Akira Review by Shubhra Gupta from Indian Express: Having a young woman kick serious butt should be a matter of joy: what’s not to like about strong female characters in male-dominated mainstream cinema? But what do you do if you are saddled with the most craven plot this side of the Vindhyas, which gives you wings, and then sets about clipping them? Sonakshi Sinha does a good job working the limitations of her role, but she alone cannot help this film from falling into a sinkhole.
Rating: 1.5 stars
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Akira Review by Saibal Chatterjee from NDTV: Despite pitchforking a kickass female protagonist into the spotlight, and also writing an upright cop role for an actress (Konkona Sen Sharma), Akira does not seem as radical a commercial Hindi film as one might expect it to be. Akira is no breakthrough for women power in Hindi cinema. The heroine is actually only a female version of the swaggering supermen played on the big screen by the likes of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.
Rating: 2.5 stars
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Akira Review by Bollywood Life: Sonakshi shows promise not so much in the action scenes but the ones where she confronts Kashyap who by the way is the real reason why you might end up liking this film. The issue with Akira is that it strives too hard to become an action entertainer. There is that novelty factor by having an actress as the action lead, but somehow Akira’s punches and kicks feel too rehearsed.
Rating: 2 stars
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Akira Review by Bollywood Hungama: Despite the film taking off to a flying start in its convincing first half, A.R. Murugadoss starts struggling with the film at regular intervals, courtesy a weak screenplay. AKIRA’s second half tremendously slows down the proceedings of the film. As the film progresses, it (unintentionally) lands up becoming too dark in virtue, something that Anurag Kashyap’s films are generally synonymous with. While the film’s tagline screamed ‘No one will be forgiven’, one is bound to expect oodles of action galore and adrenaline rush. With the film offering none of the two, the audiences are bound to feel cheated by the time the films ends.
Rating: 2 stars
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Akira Review by Koimoi: Akira has a fast-moving and thoughtfully interwoven story. Lots of spoon feeding, formulaic action sequences and unnecessary drama. Akira is a good watch for those who don’t mind their films being littered with stereotypical drama, which give you nothing to think about on your ride back home.
Rating: 3 stars
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Akira Review by Rohit Vats from Hindustan Times: Projected as a woman’s fight against injustice, Akira has many loose threads. Characters keep appearing and disappearing without any justification, and that’s probably not a good thing to happen in a 138-minute film. Akira isn’t an out and out action film. Despite some shots of acid attack survivors and specially-abled children, Akira fails to evoke any solid emotion.
Rating: 1.5 stars
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Akira Review by Namrata Joshi from The Hindu: Sinha is slim, svelte and agile and wears a constant sulk for expression. Kashyap seems to be having all the fun while being resolutely himself. None of the actors gets any support from the script. The plot is utterly long-winded and tortuous with plotholes and weird coincidences strewn all over. There is constant righteous harping on the virtues of the woman.
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Akira Review by Meena Iyer from Times of India: Our screen ki Akira is Khan, Kumar and Kapoor rolled into one. She punches and defends better than most khiladis. Despite Konkona’s sincerity, she still seems like a caricature because the writing material doesn’t support her. Anurag as the baddie and Sonakshi’s spirited act redeem the film to some degree. For the rest, Akira is humdrum.
Rating: 2.5 stars
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Akira Review by Suparno Sarkar from IB Times: Most people who walked into the theatre,s to watch “Akira” on Friday did so without expecting much from the film. However, it would have surprised most of them. Sonakshi is seen doing some high-octane action sequences in the film and surprisingly again, she pulls off the intense role quite well. However, it is Anurag who steals the limelight with his wicked laughter and crazy antics in the movie. “Akira” is a decent one-time watch.
Rating: 3 stars
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Final Verdict: The reviews have not been too good so far. Sonakshi Sinha’s performance has been lauded by the public. Action suits her and she may just be the ‘Angry Young Woman’ of Bollywood. Anurag Kashyap is very impressive. You need to watch Akira for these two if not the story.

Final Rating: 2.3 Stars


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