Aamir Khan breaks down at the launch of Satyamev Jayate
Aamir is back with hosting his realtiy show 'Satyameva Jayate' season 3

Aamir Khan was at the launch event of the 3rd Season of Satyamev Jayate. Mr. Perfectionist broke down while recalling the people he met at the previous seasons of the show. Aamir then wiped his tears lifting  the corner of his shirt and asked for a glass of water. Then he explained to the media, “On the show, you see me speak to 8 or 10 people, 12 or 15 people. But during research I hear the stories of up to 100 people. The nature of the some of the stories is such that we are unable to have them on the show.”

Aamir even recalled the case of a girl who was raped and then burnt. She had spoken to him while on deathbed at the hospital. Aamir said, “We couldn’t show you the interview, you wouldn’t have been able to watch it. It was extremely difficult for me to see it.”

Sipping water from his glass and pausing for a while, Aamir continued, “I have seen many things that have had a deep impact on me. You feel helpless, you want to forget the show and concentrate on resolving the issue you are faced with at that moment. Emotionally, this journey has been very difficult for me.”

Aamir also claims that post Satyamev Jayate, audience is not interested in seeing his films. “I think people are not interested in my film and it’s time for me to retire. ‘Achha ho gaya Dhoom 3 ne bacha liya, it did well.” said Aamir.

Aamir also gave the reason. He said, “When I was shooting in Rajasthan for PK, the reporters there didn’t ask me a single question about the film, they all were interested in ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Aamir also spoke about the controversy regarding his upcoming movie PK poster. He says that he trusts his fans will surely like the movie. Aamir says, “People have been watching my films for the past 25 years and as an actor I have confidence in my audience. Just leaving two people, who have filed the case, rest of them know me well.”

So readers, do you want Aamir to retire or not? Let us know!