A Strong Campaign to Put an End to Sardar Jokes
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Sardar jokes have always been an indispensable part of humor in India. Currently, a team of campaigners is striving to get these jokes removed from online sites in order put an end to the mockery of the entire Sikh minority.

Harvinder Chowdhary, a Sikh lawyer based in Delhi, leads the campaign. She has already issued a petition of public interest asking to ban around 5,000 websites that portray Sikh jokes. Her petition claims these jokes depict Sikhs as stupid, immature, and ignorant of English language.

The Santa Banta and 12 o’ clock Jokes
She strongly feels these kinds of jokes are similar to racial abuse, and that they infringe on the right to lead a dignified life, as promised by our constitution. She particularly pointed out a couple of well-known jokes, including the recent Santa Banta, depicting a couple of goofy Sikhs. Yet another one she cited was the renowned 12 o’clock humor enveloping the Sikh community. Ashudeep Singh, a proud Sikh, also spoke about this issue and the real history behind the joke.

Ms. Chowdhary also revealed that she had been ridiculed on her visit abroad due to these Sardar jokes. She claims her children stoically refuse to adorn turbans due to their fear of being made fun of as Sikh, and even strongly oppose attaching surnames like Singh or Kaur to their first name. Harvinder has requested the Government apply Internet filters to monitor these Sardar jokes.

There are countless arguments countering this ban, particularly regarding hundreds of joke books written by the renowned author Kushwant Singh, which were also mentioned as an example by the court. As the bench commented during a hearing, the Sikh community was well known for its great sense of humor, and they indeed enjoyed these jokes. They stated there were many people in the Sikh community who took these jokes in good sport, and in no way as an insult to their community.

Supreme Court to Decide the Fate of Sardar Jokes
The given petition already has sufficient backing via the Internet, and is also persuading the Supreme Court to ban the sites that insult the Sikh community.

The Supreme Court of Delhi has settled to have a hearing after a month, and it may turn out to be quite an interesting session regarding the stereotyped humor culture called into question. The court has given Ms. Chowdhary the right to decide whether or not she wants to opt for a Judge from the Sikh community to present her petition. The court bench turned to Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who happens to be one of the senior lawyers present at court, for his thoughts and advice. He stated that these kinds of jokes need not be seen as degrading to the community.

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