83 4th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection: It's A Big Flop
83 Box Office Collection

Ranveer Singh’s ’83’ Second Day Collection: The movie failed to make the most of the Christmas holiday, witnessed limited growth.

Ranveer Singh’s 83 failed to make the most of the Christmas holiday as it collected around Rs 15.5 crore on the second day of its release. Kabir Khan’s directional took a below-par opening as it collected only Rs 12.64 crore on its first day. Though these are respectable numbers in the post-Covid era, the expectations were high. A mega-budget festive release like 83 was expected to take a bare minimum opening of Rs 20 crore.

One of the big reasons for these low numbers is the under-performance of the movie in mass centres. As per Bollywood Hungama, the single screens which contributed around Rs 4 crore on the first day, saw around 50% boost and contributed around Rs 6 crore on the second day.

The movie has performed exceptionally well across the national multiplexes chain. The multiplexes have continued to be the major contributors for 83. They jumped by around 40% from Rs 7.90 crore on day 1 to Rs 11 crore on the second day.

Will ’83’ bounce back in the coming days?

The total collection of ’83’ after two days stands at around Rs 40 crore. Ideally, it should have crossed the Rs 25 crore mark. ’83’ is a big-budget movie mounted on a huge scale. With a below-par opening, it is now going to be a difficult task for the producers to recover their investment.

Though we have seen movies open on an average note and become blockbusters in long run, 83 has some big reasons to worry. The movie has failed to make much impact in mass centres.

Another reason to worry for the producers is that ’83’ has to face big releases like Jersey and RRR in the second and third week respectively. These movies will impact the Ranveer Singh starrer in the long run. Technically speaking, Ranveer Singh starrer has just one week to collect as much money as it can.

With Covid restrictions once again coming into the picture, it is not going to be easy for the producers to attract the audience to the theatres.