5 Years of Ranveer Singh in Video - You can love him or hate him but just can't ignore him
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Commendable is what summarised how directors feel about Ranveer Singh as an actor at work.

Ranveer Singh is yet to be seen in Bajirao Mastani and while we may question SLB or support his decision of casting Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani, he simply can’t be ignored. Ranveer Singh recently turned 5 in Bollywood industry and has shown us his capabilities as an actor in Band Baja Baraat, Lootera and almost every flick he has done.

He makes mistakes, learn, unlearn and grow with time in this industry. Ranveer Singh has never came out in front of a camera as a serious personality, Remember the banned AIB Roast. What a sporty personality man! but how is he on the sets when he is actually working?

Ranveer’s going bald for Bajirao, or tucking a clip on his shirt near waist. His seriousness and sincerity towards acting has not been less. So when Ali Abbas says Ranveer Baba’s hairs, his body acts as well, it is just so right apart from being a joke.

This small video shows what his directors think about his acting and future, and is indeed overwhelming for someone who just got 5 years old in the industry.

Best of Luck from Team BlogtoBollywood and we sincerely hope you will show us some great cinema in coming years.

#5YearOfRanveerSinghPosted by Ranveer Singh on 9 December 2015