Types of Indian Bridal Fashion Styles
Image by Amna Sayeed from Pixabay

Indian bridal fashion is one of the hottest trends transforming the world of wedding fashion these days. The bright, vibrant colors, the graceful yet fun designs, and other aspects of Indian bridal styles have won our hearts.

Which of these styles will be your choice for the upcoming season?

1. Bridal Lehenga

This is a classic choice for a bride but you can also wear one if you’re just a guest. It’s traditional to choose a red lehenga for an Indian bride. Still, the color palette can match your taste and be any combination you like. 

A lehenga is a kind of long, full skirt that’s paired with a top called a choli. The choli can be long or short according to your preference. The designs and shades for the whole dress can range from large and bold to soft and elegant. 

2. A Fusion Gown

Indian Bridal Styles: Fusion Gown
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

No matter what nationality you are, both Indian and Western wedding attire might look appealing. Good news: you might not have to choose between the two! Check your local shops or a brand like Nihal Fashions, and you’d probably find many fusion gowns for your upcoming wedding. 

You can also go for a fusion gown for the semi-formal events of the wedding, such as the engagement party, reception, rehearsal, etc. This involves having a Western-style dress but with the brilliant shades of blue, orange, maroon, and all the embellishments that make Indian wedding attire so awesome. 

The different styles here give you a lot of choices. There’s the floor-length cocktail dress, the conservative gown style, and free-flowing drapes to choose from. Look up gown sarees and prepare to make everyone’s jaws drop. 

3. Bridal Sarees

The saree is the national dress of India and it’s quite a comfortable choice for a wedding. Whether you’re the bridesmaid or the bride, a saree will give off a classic look and appeal to the crowd. 

If you’d like a saree without the hassle of folding it, there are readymade options as well. You also have a slew of saree styles to choose from, including the Tamil, Andhra, Bengali, and Marathi designs. Any choice will help to enhance the beauty of the wearer. You can design it by using a range of colors and fabrics as well. You can select your bridal saree according to the nature of the event, the season, and your complexion. Of course, your personal preference is what matters most of all. 

4. Punjabi Bridal Suit

Traditional Punjabi bridal suits are easy to wear, comfortable, and easy to handle as well. Weddings are an active occasion. So, a suit is perfect for the bride or bridesmaid on the go! It consists of a pair of trousers and a long shirt, with colors, embellishments, and designs similar to a saree or lehenga. 

Confused about choosing a Punjabi bridal suit with the perfect color combination? You can get inspiration from some western color combination ideas and use those to design a traditional dress.

5. Sharara

A sharara looks like a long skirt at first glance but it’s divided into two flared legs. Overall, the design gives a touch of elegance to the wearer and also ensures that they can move easily. 

Shararas can also come in various lengths. They’ll help any bride, bridesmaid, or guest look amazing on that special occasion. Of course, you’ll also have to pair it with a suitable top to complete the ensemble. Once you’re done, you can easily walk about and even dare to run a bit on the big day. 

The Takeaway

The choices above are just a start; there are several designs and styles in each category. Mix and match these up to get your unique look and wow everyone at the next wedding (or your own!).