5 Things You Have To Know About #FrootiBCL’s Chennai Swaggers
Sunny Leone Is The Owner of Chennai Swaggers

Box Cricket League is back and, this time, it’s bigger and better than the last one. Bollywood diva Sunny Leone will be the part of this season not as a player but as an owner. We listed down the 5 thing you have to know about Sunny Leone’s Chennai Swaggers.

1) Sunny Leone is the owner of the Team!
The actress decided to hop on the cricket craze of the country and bought this team in December. The Chennai Swaggers will play in the second season of Box Cricket League, a reality show cricket tournament backed by Balaji Telefilms & Marinating Films. The team features prominent television stars as players, which comprises of the television actors like Shabbir Ahluwalia, Rajat Tokas, Vishal Singh, Vahbiz Dorabjee, Himanshoo Malhotra and Rithwik Dhanjani among others. Sunny Leone is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

Sunny Leone is the owner of the team
Sunny Leone is the owner of the team

2) The Launch
Sunny Leone unveiled the Chennai Swaggers on 22nd February, 2016. For the launch, Sunny got a bevy of TV celebrities from her team Chennai Swaggers to play a game of cricket against ‘virtual legends’ like Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar at a Mumbai suburban venue. The entire team was in high spirits as Sunny decided to give them each a name, to go with their playing personalities. Popular star Rithvik Dhanjani was called Limited Edition, Vishal Singh was called The trendsetter, Rafi Malik was called The Silent Killer and Vahbbiz Dorabajee was called Miss Know It All. Leone also spoke about the strengths of her team as well as her vision. Team members present included Himmanshoo A. Malhotra, Rithvik Dhanjani, Vishal Singh, Vahbbiz Dorabjee, Riya Deepsi, Soni Singh, Mayank Gandhi, Shraddha Jaiswal, Rafi Malik, Shobhit Attray, Mansi Sharma, Kunal Pant, Abhishek Verma, Paras Madaan, Sharad Tripathi, Ambrin Chakkiwala, Glen Saldhana (Fever 104 RJ) and Shresth Kumar.

Sunny Leone at the Launch
Sunny Leone at the Launch

3) The Team Members
Here is the complete list of all the members of the Chennai Swaggers:
The Men
1) Himanshu Malhotra
2) Ritwik Dhanjani
3) Vishal Singh
4) Shabbir
5) Shresth Kumar
6) Shobit Attrey
7) Mayank Gandhi
8) Rafi Malik
9) Shravan Reddy
10) Paaras Madaan
11) Abhishek Verma
12) Sharad Tripathi
13) Kunal Pant
14) Shaheer Shaikh
15) Glen Saldana
16) Parichay Sharma
17) Ajay Mehra

The Women
1) Sana Makbhul
2) Amrin Chakkiwala
3) Riya Deepsi
4) Shraddha Jaishwal
5) Vaabhiz Dorabjee
6) Mansi Sharma
7) Soni Singh
8) Mrunal Thakur
9) Pooja Banerjee

And if you thought that Sunny was just going to be a bystander, then you’re wrong! Sunny Leone has decided to play the role of a motivator for her players and ensure the Swag Squad emerges as the champions of Box Cricket League 2.

4) The Mascot
The Chennai Swaggers’ official mascot is Swagger. Swagger is the coolest, most fashionable and stylish cat ever. Swagger is depicted donning a bowler hat and sunglasses, which are symbolic of his SWAG. Swagger is seen tossing a ball in his hand, while flashing the ‘Swag Sign’ with his other hand. Swagger was unveiled by Sunny Leone, at the launch of the team.

The Mascot
The Mascot

5) The Colours
Yellow and Black are the colours donned by the Chennai Swaggers. Even Swagger, the mascot of the team, is depicted in the same colours. The jerseys of the Chennai Swaggers are also Yellow and Black.
Yellow symbolizes the happiness and warmth of the Chennai Swaggers off the field.
Black symbolizes the strength, authority and elegance of the Chennai Swaggers on the field.

The team colours
The team colours

There you go! So are you ready to cheer for Sunny Leone’s fantastic Chennai Swaggers?