5 Mind-Blowing Casino Games Based On Movies

5 Mind-Blowing Casino Games Based On Movies
Mind-Blowing Casino Games based On Movies

Whenever we talk about the greatest casino movies, the names Casino Royale, Ocean’s Eleven, Rounders, and others pop up in our heads. The casino trend head-started in the late 1970s. This was the time when numerous casinos were inaugurated all over the world, especially in Las Vegas. And those classic movies just served as a boom to its popularity.

Talking of casino games, these are enjoyed by almost everyone. Not only do they give a sense of pleasure, but also money and prestige. It is one of those idle means of earning where you don’t need any education. All you need to have are skills for playing that are developed by practice. Besides, now you don’t have to visit a casino to play games, you can play it online or through an app on your smartphone, right by sitting on your couch.

The Dark Knight

You all might have watched the worldwide ultimate blockbuster film of 2008, The Dark Knight. Alone, this action-adventure film accumulated over $1 Billion all around the globe. With an IMDb rating of 9/10, it is entitled as one of the greatest movies of the decade! Lead stars such as Christian Bale (Batman) and Heath Ledger (Joker) were praised extensively for their exceptional performances.

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Now, nothing would excite fans more than playing a casino game based on it. Yes, you read it right, there’s a casino slot game based specifically on The Dark Knight movie. The developers have designed it in such a way that you will always feel the essence of your favourite characters.

Jurassic Park

Who doesn’t know about the Jurassic Park film series? Everyone does, irrespective of their age. The fun doubled when Jurassic World movies entered the universe with more adventurous journeys. Almost all the films have made more than a billion-dollar business worldwide, making it one of the most outstanding franchises of all time. With “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” in 2018, the universe is all set to welcome “Jurassic World: Dominion” in 2022.

Now about the casino game, Jurassic Park has a very fascinating slot that perfectly depicts the first-ever original movie, Jurassic Park, of 1993. Those dinosaurs (The T-rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and others) will certainly make you an addict. It’ll persuade you to win every time, as all the casino games do. This 5-reel and 243 pay-line slot game are worth playing, and a must for a fan.

The Hangover

The Hangover is a 2009 comedy film that hit the screens with a box office collection of around $47 crores. Three boys wake up after a wild bachelor party and find out that their best friend is missing. It sounds like a serious thrill, but as you will follow the trio in their search, you’ll experience the best comedy scenes. You can notice your non-stop laughing and those hilarious conversations between the characters.

There are different games of online slots. The IGT-created, Hangover theme-based casino game is no less. Those blinking lights of Las Vegas and those characters will take you back to the time when you first watched that movie. Literally, you would imagine every scene in your head. The best part is that Mr. Chow (the hilarious gangster boss) is the game’s host, and will take you through the various rounds and features. What more can you expect from a slot game?

The Godfather

A 1972 crime drama film that thrilled the nerves for a decade was The Godfather. It adapts the best-selling 1969 novel by Mario Puzo and is regarded as one of the greatest gangster movies of all time. Rated 9.2/10 on IMDb, the movie earned numerous awards. The film contains all the elements of a genuine masterpiece. This Strongly performed, tightly plotted storyline and solidly directed film excel in every facet.

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The Godfather may have earned many awards, but the casino slot game is allowing you to win many prizes as well. Gamesys developed, this slot would certainly let you meet those mobsters. You’ll be welcomed in the Godfather’s office in a full gangsta’s paradise. It has all those big rewards of respect that you can never say never. When the third reel out of five appears, you’ll be awarded a wedding cake free spins and bonuses until the Cut the Cake feature.

Man of Steel

Based on the same-name DC Comics, Man of Steel is a 2013 action-adventure film featuring our favourite superhero, Superman. A true superhero fan must have watched this film once in his life. It comes out as the legitimate second best when you check for the best fictional superhero movies. With an IMDb rating of 7/10, this film strikes the theatres with a collection of over 660 million dollars.

The casino slot game by Playtech is totally a presentation of the Man of Steel film. Witness all your favourite characters, Clark Kent and Superman, Lois Lane, and the big bad, General Zod. The slot comprises 5 reels and up to 50 pay lines, and a maximum bet of 2500 per spin. Play tech has specialized in theme slot games, specifically based on DC movies and comics. So you can comprehend how good this one would be

Teen Patti

This thriller is directed by Leena Yadav stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor, Ben Kingsley, Madhavan and Raima Sen. The film follows a mathematics professor, played by Bachchan, who is trying to write a thesis on probability and relates it to the Indian card game of Teen Patti. The film is reportedly inspired by Hollywood movies 21.

Teen Patti is one of the most popular casino games in India. It’s been there for decades and the players just love it. This game is available online on several platforms. You may have played several casino games online, we highly recommend you to try Teen Patti for real cash. You won’t regret it. It’s one of the best card casino games out there.