Films To Boost Your Creative Writing
Films To Boost Your Creative Writing

The creative writing process is not easy. Whether you are a student or a novelist who is having trouble with writing, you will face challenges. There are different ways out of the situation when you lack creativity. For example, if you cannot handle your writing task alone, choose an alternative path, and apply to a creative writing service. Experienced authors who are proficient experts in writing will help you with ideas, plot twists, and editing. You can also attend a creative writing course. Nevertheless, some excellent movies about writers and dramaturgs can provide you with tips on creative writing much better than courses and classes. Read this article about five masterpieces of the modern filmmaking industry and find time to watch them all, as they are worth it:

“Shakespeare in Love” (1998)

The creators of this inspiring and partially historically correct movie have found inspiration in the great personality of William Shakespeare, one of the most significant figures in literature. The plot is curated more like a romantic drama and more connected to relationships between people than to the writing process. The central part of the story is bound to the love between a man and a woman, which appears as the biggest inspiration to the legendary writer and helps him in creating his new masterpieces. This movie is about creativeness not only in dramaturgy but in a broader meaning. That type of creativity helps people adapt to life circumstances and find ways out of challenging situations.

There is an interesting issue connected to the film plot. After the movie was released, it was found that the screenplay was a bit similar to the novel called “No Bed for Bacon” by Caryl Brahms and S. J. Simon. However, later, it was proved that the film plot was not plagiarized, as the authors of the movie did not read that novel. Watch this Oscar-winning movie by a former TV director to get inspiration for everything you do in life, including writing.

“Barton Fink” (1991)

The Cohen brothers, movie directors who’ve developed a cult following, are widely known for their revolutionary, eccentric, and unapologetic filmmaking approach. That is why if they decide to touch on the topic of creative writing, the result will be full of unexpected inspirational sources. Being the quintessence of black humor, thrillers, and the detective genre, this movie definitively is a must-watch for any writer. The plot is about Hollywood life as seen from behind the scenes, and it gives the ability to see it from another perspective.

The hero is striving to confront the Dream Factory’s bitter reality that appears to be not what it seemed at first. You will be interested in this masterpiece right from the beginning, as the plot twists are unbelievable. Thanks to the Cohen brothers’ nonstandard vision, this outstanding picture’s genre cannot be easily defined. It gives the audience a lot of space for intensive reflection, and that is why “Barton Fink” is a perfect choice to boost your creativeness.

“Malina” (1991)

This Austrian-German film by Werner Schroeter draws attention because of a few reasons. First, a screenplay was written by Nobel Prize Literature winner Elfriede Jelinek who brilliantly adapted the beautiful novel by Ingeborg Bachmann. However, the movie’s plot is connected with mental health disasters and ways to overcome them; it is at the same time full of writing insights.

The main character is bravely fighting her mental disorders, striving to live the best life. She writes many letters to her former lover, and spectating these scenes is a treasure chest of creative insights for any writer. This picturesque and evocative movie is frequently described as one of the best visual films about writers – a duet of madness and lyrics that are phenomenally unbound leaves plenty of thoughts after watching.

“Adaptation” (2002)

It is a brilliant movie by Spike Jonze starring such significant world-famous actors as Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, and others. The process of the screenplay adaptation that is shown is full of professional challenges. A script for “Adaptation” was written after screenwriter Charlie Kaufmann faced the same professional difficulties in his own life trying to adapt a novel.

The author pictured by Nicolas Cage is very uncompromised when it comes to formulaic scriptwriting. When he starts to create an adaptation of “The Orchid Thief” by Susan Orlean, his life begins to change. The movie perfectly pictures the phenomenon of writer’s block and the issues connected to this painful condition for authors. An outstanding performance delivered by Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, and Chris Cooper, together with the brilliant production team’s impact, brought the movie numerous awards. Watch this film when you find yourself procrastinating and unable to paraphrase your words in any language.

“The Words” (2012)

It is an example of a modern movie that perfectly describes timeless issues in professional novelists’ lives. Anyone knowledgeable in literature is aware of a well-known story about Hemingway’s novel lost in a train by his first wife, forgotten in a briefcase. In “The Words,” a similar situation lifts to a new level when the main character creates a novel about another novelist who finds a briefcase with lost pages in a European antique store.

The movie is less about the literature as an industry and more about people’s behavior and interaction in particular circumstances. It gives a lot of inspiration on creative writing but not on straightforward aspects, such as concrete tips. Instead, it draws the viewer into a world of people whose choices and decisions influence other peoples’ lives.


Nevertheless, it is a heavy task to create a movie that shows all the struggles of the creative writing process, but a lot of modern directors and producers prove they can make it. These five incredible movies will help you to explore the mysterious world of writers’ imagination and show the struggles they overcome on their professional and overall life path. And remember that when you are struggling with your creative assignments, there is always an option to get some professional assistance from a writing service.