Mumbai is a melting pot of various nationalities and cultures. But the city’s fast pace can be overwhelming. The good news is Mumbai has numerous places to unwind, from adrenaline-packed locations to quiet ones.

Mumbai may be India’s most expensive city, but you can still explore the area on a budget. Whether you’re a local or new to Mumbai, here’s what to do in the City of Dreams.

1) Walk Down Marine Drive

Approximately 25 kilometres from Central Mumbai, you can access this spot using buses and trains plying the route. At night the drive’s lights resemble pearls, hence the nickname Queen’s Necklace. Nothing compares to the sea’s evening breeze as water droplets kiss your face. You could also enjoy the scenic beauty during morning runs to set the pace for the rest of the day.

The best part is that this location is ideal for all ages. Besides admiring India’s skyline, you can grab a snack at nearby food stands and take pictures for the gram. You might even spot your favourite celebrity on a movie shoot or their daily workout, seeing the drive is minutes away from affluent neighbourhood Walkeshwar.

This walkway has also hosted numerous events over the years, for instance, the French Festival, Bombay Marathon, and IAF Airshow. If you’re visiting the area in the afternoon, carry water and wear a hat, shades, and sunscreen to counter the sun.

2) See the Elephanta Island

Accessible by ferry, the island presents two hillocks divided by a valley. It boasts of numerous archaeological remains, proving occupation from the second century BC. One such attraction is the Elephanta Caves.

Featured on UNESCO’s 1987 World Heritage list, these caves provide insight into Mumbai’s heritage. The temple complex sits on approximately 60000 square feet and has idol sculptures carved from natural rocks.

Apart from courtyards and shrines, this architectural marvel has a central and two lateral chambers. This is in addition to three passages leading to the temple. The compound has seven caves distinguished by Hindu and Buddhist engravings.

You can also go canon trekking if the landmark’s history doesn’t interest you. Though you can tour the island throughout the year, monsoons present rough tides. What’s more, the island’s management prohibits overnight stays.

3) Visit Juhu Beach

You can visit Juhu Beach after enjoying fun online activities on sites such as Comeon live casino at home. Approximately 18 kilometres from the heart of the city, you can access this area by road or take a train from Ville Parle station. Although it has several entrances, the beach’s main entry point is next to the Hotel Ramada Plaza.

Juhu Beach attracts all ages. It’s not uncommon to find children playing football by the sea. This goes hand in hand with toy stands, camel, and horse rides. On the other hand, pubs and discotheques are popular among the area’s youth.

Older people also take walks, jog, cycle, skip, even practice yoga. Not forgetting water sports like parasailing, bumper boat, and Jet Ski rides. If you’re lucky, you might witness the yearly annual Ganesh Chaturthi festivities. Note that the beach is crowded during public holidays and weekends.

4) Explore Street Food

The Mumbai experience isn’t complete without sampling the city’s street food. Apart from trying mouthwatering delicacies, food tours are opportunities to sightsee, meet other food enthusiasts, and support local businesses.

From Bhendi Bazaar to Chowpatty, food stands are common all over Mumbai. Start by trying Pani Puri, a crisp puri stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, and spicy water. Eat the snack immediately before it loses its crunch.

Another popular dish is the vada pav. Considered Mumbai’s vegetable burger, vada pav consists of spiced mash potatoes deep-fried into patties. The mixture then goes into a bun before eating it with different chutneys. Mumbai isn’t left behind when it comes to kebabs. This delicacy features marinated meat chunks grilled using a skewer.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating to avoid getting sick. This goes together with eating fresh, hot meals. Food collects bacteria when it sits in a cabinet all day.

Explore India More

On top of expanding your circle, travelling lowers stress and gives you lifelong memories. You also acquire new skills and broaden your perspective. Do you know other fun spots in Mumbai?