2 States movie poster
2 States movie poster

2 States has been in the news for a long time now. Be it for the star cast or Karan Johar-Sajid Nadiadwala association or Arjun and Alia’s sizzling chemistry on and off-screen. The movie has created a huge buzz ever since its announcement and this could be a driving factor for its success at Box Office.

2 States is a romantic comedy based on the novel of the same name written by youth writer Chetan Bhagat. Three of Bhagat’s novels has already been translated into Bollywood movies, be it Hello based on One night at Call Center, Kai Po Che based on 3 Mistakes of My Life or 3 Idiots based on Five Point Someone, Chetan Bhagat has managed to make a huge impact in Bollywood. Kai Po Che was one of the big hits of 2013 and 3 Idiots as we all know in the most loved movie of all time. Personally, I am a big fan of Chetan Bhagat and his books and 2 States is one of his finest writing till date. The big question is that will debuting director Abhishek Varman be able convert a National best seller into an equally entertaining and interesting movie. There are always risks involved and that too goes for 2 States as well.

Will 2 States be able to convert the much created hype into Box Office earning?

a) Firstly, 2 States has already created a huge hype before its release,thanks to the brand Chetan Bhagat associated with it. Chetan Bhagat has a huge youth fan following in India with 2 States being a National bestseller. So, chances are good that 2 States would be able to connect with the audiences specially youth.

b) Secondly,Trailers and promos are well received by the audience with almost 6 million views on YouTube. Music is already a hit and add to it we have a super strong supporting star cast as well as sizzling chemistry of Alia and Arjun. Moreover, 2 States has a youth content all the way and we know that youth contributes to 70% of the total Box Office numbers.

2 States Official Trailer 

c) Thirdly, the movie marks the collaboration of two big production houses, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Ent., so we can expect something big from them.

d) Lastly, 2 States is releasing on good Friday and that too on a big screen count(1900) which could provide the necessary opening boost to it.

2 States Box Office Prediction
2 states Song

What are the chances of 2 States failure at Box Office?

a) As already mentioned earlier, content is the key here. Since, 2 States don’t have big names like Salman or Shahrukh associated with it, so it all depends on Abhishek Varman directional abilities to convert a good script in to an interesting and entertaining youthful movie. If Varman able to do so, movie will sustain a long run at Box Office.

b)  Although, 2 States has no competition with Bollywood releases as Dedh Tamasha Dekh and Lucky Kabootar which are releasing on same day are small releases will negligible screen count as compared to 2 States . But, it is the two big Hollywood movies Tarzan 3D and Transcendence with could probably turned out as a show spoiler.

c) IPL which started yesterday only will play big role for the next few weeks and 2 States is bound to be affected by it, especially the evening shows.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, this is what I have for 2 States Box Office Prediction

Total Cost : 32 cr  ( Budget  :- 23-24 cr + Promotion Cost :- 7-8 cr )

Recovery :- 3-4 cr ( Music Rights – T Series)

Release Size/Number of Screens :- 1850-2000 screens

2 States Box Office Prediction

[box title=”2 States Box Office Prediction”]

Opening/ First  Day :- 6 – 7 cr

If WOM is Good

First Weekend 20 cr
First Week 34 cr
LifeTime 52 cr

If WOM is Mixed

First Weekend 17 cr
First Week 28 cr
LifeTime 36 cr

If WOM is Bad

First Weekend 14 cr
First Week 22 cr
LifeTime 26 cr


What are your expectations from 2 States. Please share with us and keep visiting Blog to Bollywood.


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