1883 Season 2 on cards
1883 Season 2

Will there be another season of 1883? Here’s what the series star Amanda Jaros, who plays Alina has to say.

Yellowstone prequel 1883 has been a massive hit on Paramount+. The historical drama tells the origin story of the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west to start a new life in Montana. We are already halfway through the first season which has captivated the viewers. The first season of 1883 has 10 episodes.

The series continues to win hearts and with a few episodes left to the finale, fans are eager to know about what the future holds? Will there be 1883 Season 2? Well, there is no official update about the second season. But the series lead star Amanda Jaros, who plays Alina, has this to say about the show.

In an exclusive talk with Express.co.uk, She said: “I’m confident that this show will be such a success that it will be hard for Paramount+ to say no to another season of 1883.

“Yellowstone fans are so loyal and I’m sure the next season will be just as much of a roller coaster ride as this season.

“Knowing his work ethic, Taylor is probably writing season two right now.

“But there are never any guarantees in the future, so we’ll see!”

1883 second season looks inevitable

Though there is no official update on series renewal, the second season looks inevitable. The prime reason behind it is the massive success of the first season. Variety revealed 1883 had the biggest rating debut for an original series on Paramount+ since the streaming service launched. Since its debut ‘1883’ has been garnering huge viewership on the network.

We are halfway through the first season. The show is on a small hiatus. 1883 Episode 6 will air on Jan 30, 2022. With the season 1 finale expected to air on Fab 27, 2022, we are expecting an official announcement on renewal in a few weeks.