1883 Episode 5 Release Date and Time, Spoilers and More
1883 - Yellowstone Prequel

1883 Episode 5 Release Date and Time, Spoilers: Everything we know about the fifth episode of Yellowstone’s prequel 1883.

With Yellowstone Season 4 concluded on Jan 2, 2022, its prequel 1883 will become the first choice for the ranch drama fans until the original show Yellowstone returns for its fifth season. Taylor Sheridan has expanded the Yellowstone universe with a prequel series titled 1883. The show focuses on Dutton’s origin as they embark on the journey to the west. It follows the story of how the Duttons came to own the land that would become the Yellowstone Ranch.

Since its debut on Dec 19, 2021, 1883 has impressed one and all. Like the original series, this one is also garnering huge viewership. The 4th episode of the first season has been delayed by a week. Fans want to know if there is any change in the release schedule of the upcoming episodes. Here’s everything you need to know 1883 Episode 5 including its release date and time plus release schedule ahead.

1883 Episode 5 Release Date and Time

1883 Episode 4 got delayed by a week as the makers decided to air a special episode featuring BTS from the show. The special episode aired on Jan 2, 2022. So, the fourth episode premiered on Sunday, Jan 9, 2022.

It means ‘1883’ episode 5 will now release on Sunday, Jan 16, 2022, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. 1883 premiered on Dec 19, 2021, with two back to back episodes. Paramount+ is currently the only place where you can stream the new episodes as per your comfort.

As per the reports, the first season of 1883 has 10 episodes. If the show doesn’t take any more breaks the season one finale will release on Feb 20, 2022.

1883 Episode 5 Spoilers

In the fourth episode titled ‘The Crossing’, the group faces the laborious task of crossing the river with their buggies and supplies. Thomas and Noemi grow closer.

In the next episode, we can only expect the journey to get more harrowing as the group continues their march. It doesn’t matter how much Elsa enjoy the world, the real truth is that it is brutal.

Many people have lost their loved ones. Others have lost their supplies. Moreover, the people have lost hope. Amidst all this,  the group have to be prepared for unprecedented events going forward. All they have to do is be hopeful and continue their journey as there is no way out. They need to stay focused and hopeful.

Where to Watch 1883 Episode 5 Online?

1883 is Paramount+ exclusive show in the United States. Paramount+ is the only service where you can stream 1883 new episodes. 1883 Episode 5 will be available to stream on Paramount+ on Sunday, Jan 16, 2022, at 3 am ET. 1883 is not available on any other platform or streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or HBO Max. However, Amazon Prime Video Users with Paramount+ add-on to their package can stream the show.