Brothers Poster feat. Akshay, Sidharth and Jackie
Brothers Poster feat. Akshay, Sidharth and Jackie

The official trailer of Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra starer Brothershas been released and believe us, it has the power to blow your mind off. The last frame of the official trailer says, “Just like ‘Mahabharata’, this is a war between brothers and rightly so, this is grand. It is huge. So, we compiled a list of 10 things we can’t wait to see in Brothers

1. A great story

Being the official remake of Hollywood movie Warrior‘, a mixed-martial arts fight movie which received bafflingly high praise, a lot is expected from Brothers. Two brothers, David and Monty Fernandez, turn against each other; and the love gets marked with hatred, a hatred so strong that they are ready to forsake everything in order to win, to kill each other. And that’s what the trailer portrays – what happens when Blood turns against Blood.

2. Killer Action!

10 Things We Are Excited To See In This Week Release 'Brothers' - Killer Action
Killer action – one of the high points of ‘Brothers’

The Hollywood film ‘Warrior’ had a lot of action in store for the viewers and we expect a lot of fight sequences in this 2015 film. Akshay Kumar & Sidharth Malhotra will be participating in a mixed-martial arts tournament, hence the movie will have some serious action sequences definitely not for the light-hearted ones.

3. Our very own Akki!

10 Things We Are Excited To See In This Week Release 'Brothers' - Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar looks in his prime form in ‘Brothers’

Akshay Kumar looks perfect as the Physics professor-turned-wannabe fighter. He brings out the roughness and toughness of the character brilliantly. Yes! he will always be the first reason to watch his movies but in Brothers, he has taken himself to a brand new level. He will be seen fighting in the boxing ring against trained fighters not just some goons on the streets. We will get a chance to see his skills in the ring.

4. Sidharth Malhotra’s New Avatar

10 Things We Are Excited To See In This Week Release 'Brothers' - Sidharth Malhotra
Sidharth Malhotra in never seen before avatar.

The man of the moment, Sidharth Malhotra is making a comeback to the silver screen nearly after a year in a new beefed up look. He seems to be having shades of grey in his character in the movie and one can’t imagine he is the same guy who played Abhimanyu in Student Of The Year. While the young actor amazed everyone with his bad boy look in his last film Ek Villain, here he will be seen trying hands with some martial arts which will be really interesting to watch.

5. Jackie Shroff 

Jackie Shroff in 'Brothers'
Jackie Shroff in ‘Brothers’

Jackie Shroff is an element of surprise and mystique, as his role remains undefined. We wonder if he plays Akshay & Sidharth’s father or a mentor in the film. But maybe that’s the catch of the whole plot. Nick Nolte was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the father of the two brothers. So our hopes are already high.

6. Akshay-Sidharth’s Bro-mistry

Akshay and Sidharth in 'Brothers'
Akshay and Sidharth in ‘Brothers’

Sidharth and Akshay are at their best at portraying the brothers. While we have seen Akshay Kumar earlier too playing these kind of roles, Sidharth Malhotra is truly a revelation. He has taken his wild streak a notch higher from what it was in ‘Ek Villain’. The scenes that involve the two stars fighting seem real, bloody, hideous and hence, fantastic.

7. Jacqueline Fernandez

10 Things We Are Excited To See In This Week Release 'Brothers' - Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez looks beautiful in ‘Brothers’

Jacqueline Fernandez, from what seems like in the trailer, plays Akshay Kumar’s wife and a mother to a cute little girl. She goes de-glam for this role and yet looks beautiful in the 2 minutes 54 second trailer. Post her box office debacle with Roy, Jacqueline is all set to return with a bang this year.

8. Mary a.k.a Kareena

10 Things We Are Excited To See In This Week Release 'Brothers' - Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor is super hot in Mera Naam Mary song

Brothers also has Karan Johar’s best friend Kareena Kapoor Khan performing a special item number ‘Mera Naam Mary. The item song has Bebo and Sidharth together for the first time on big screen. The peppy song has already become a chartbuster and Kareena can be seen seducing Malhotra. As always she looks stunning.

9. Little Naisha Khanna

Akshay, Jacqueline and Naisha Khanna in 'Brothers'
Akshay, Jacqueline and Naisha Khanna in ‘Brothers’

After Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan released, the talk of the town was how well it was doing in box office but the one star who has taken all the praise and stood out was the 7 year old actress Harshaali Malhotra, who certainly tugged the audience’s heart. Now in the upcoming Brothers movie, a young actor Naisha Khanna will be playing the role of Akshay & Jacqueline’s daughter. She is super adorable.

10. Good Music

Ajay-Atul has composed the music of Brothers movie which is already becoming a hit among music lovers. The special item song titled ‘Mera Naam Mary’ featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan is already a big hit. Recently, a romantic song Sapna Jahan by Neeti Mohan and Sonu Nigam was released. It is a soulful number featuring  Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez.

So yeah, as the trailer says at the end, this is epic, for this is war and it is definitely a spectacle. This is one movie, we really wait for.

What are the reasons which makes you excited to watch ‘Brothers’ this Friday? Share your thoughts with us in comments section.